2022 College Excellence

2022 HSC Highlights

students achieved an ATAR above 90

of students achieved an ATAR above 80

students achieved Band 5 and 6 results

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This year, our students have achieved excellent academic results but their legacy as a year will be defined by their contribution to the College and wider community.

The resilience of the students shone strongly through despite being faced with so many challenges during their last couple of years. Severe droughts, dust storms, fires, floods, pandemics and adapting to remote learning were all issues the Year 12 class of 2022 dealt with. Our Year 12 young men and women have pleasingly all graduated from the College with clearly planned futures in an increasingly unclear world.

At Scots All Saints students can follow their chosen pathway to a fulfilling education and co-curricular success. They develop patterns of study best suited to their interests, abilities, and future needs.

We encourage your child to embrace learning that develops creative and critical thinking skills beyond the standard curriculum, in areas such as problem solving, collaboration, verbal communication, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence.

To discover more about Scots All Saints, please view our brochure.

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