2020 student leaders

Year 12

College Captains

Natalia Burgess

Harry Dickenson

Academic Prefects

Nicholas O’Neill

Sacha Spence

Boarding Prefects

Megan Davis

Thomas Hewett

Chapel Prefects

Grace Milton

Hugh Parsons

Co-curricular Prefects

Holly Hare

Zoe Lewis

International Students Prefect

Yuma Okamoto

Social Justice Prefects

Stella Gavey

Samantha Porter

House Captains

L-R – Jemima Hobson (Booth), Kate McEwen (Cowan), Prudence Inwood (Cuthbert), Bridget Ellis (Dunlop), Benjamin Cant (Mawson).


Jemima Hobson


Kate McEwen


Prudence Inwood


Bridget Ellis


Benjamin Cant

2020 Year 8 Student Leadership Team

There are many appealing aspects of our Middle School structure but one obvious advantage is the unique leadership opportunities it provides to Year 8 students. Each year there are 10 Year 8 students elected by their peers and teachers to represent the All Saints Campus student body. These students form the Year 8 Student Leadership Team and are an integral part of helping give direction to the future of our College. We have a boy and girl Captain, and then the Vice Captains and the remaining 6 students are given a variety of portfolios to manage which include Chapel, Academic Excellence, Social Justice and Student Wellbeing which fall in line with our four College Values of Faith, Knowledge, Respect and Compassion respectively.

Each fortnight the Year 8 Leadership Team meets with Mr Jackman, Head of Campus, in the All Saints Campus Boardroom (see attached photo). Currently they are working on selecting what local and national charities and foundations they want to support with their fundraising. They are also looking at ways in which the students can provide community service and be active in the Bathurst region.

It is a pleasure working with such a dynamic and inspiring group of students who all have a great deal to offer to their various roles. I look forward to continuing to work with our Year 8 Leadership team into the future and thank them for their work thus far.

Year 8

L-R – Chris Jackman (Head of Campus), Luke Burgess, Nikki Browne, Laura Scott (Vice Captain), Jake Henry (Captain), Philippa Webb (Captain), Benjamin Lloyd (Vice Captain), Lily Kable, Bohdi Hellyer, Campbell Denyer


Jake Henry

Philippa Webb

Vice Captains

Benjamin Lloyd

Laura Scott


Luke Burgess

Bohdi Hellyer

Lily Kable

Campbell Denyer

Nikki Browne

Year 6 House Captains

L-R – Chris Jackman (Head of Campus), Emma Parkinson (Cuthbert), Riley Elms (Cuthbert), Emily Tallentire (Mawson), Benjamin Reynolds (Mawson), Lacey Booth (Dunlop), Lachlan Nelson (Dunlop), Lyla Hellyer (Booth), Kosema Finau (Booth), Ruby Thorne (Cowan), Banjo Goodlet (Cowan).


Riley Elms

Emma Parkinson


Lyla Hellyer

Kosema Finau


Lacey Booth

Lachlan Nelson


Banjo Goodlet

Ruby Thorne


Benjamin Reynolds

Emily Tallentire