Banjo Patterson Poetry Festival Award

Year 8 student Sybilla Chapman won the high school section in Banjo Patterson Australian Poetry Festival on Saturday with her original poem “The Boomerang”.

The festival is held each year in Orange. The youth poetry competition is run by the Rotary Club of Orange and is a performance competition for school students to perform their own original poem.

Here is Sybilla’s entry:


Have you ever noticed that a simple smile
can travel much further than a single mile?

A smile is created, when you feel cheerful
or a sign to calm when you are fearful.

The power of a wave, or a selfless act
can brighten someone’s day, and make a positive impact.

A single act of kindness, can put a spring in someone’s step
to fill their lonely hearts, with some liveliness and pep.

When you show compassion, it tends to prove true
others will show kindness, straight on back to you.

I hope the feeling of kindness, will last for many years to come
so all of us, can be healed, when we are feeling glum.

Showing people kindness, makes the world a better place
so be that special person, who puts a smile on someone’s face.

Kindness is like a boomerang, swirling through the skies
waiting for someone grateful, to gaze up as it flies.

Kindness can heal a broken heart, and mend a damaged soul
making a difference to someone’s day, can be an easy, thoughtful goal.

You see, kindness has a power, which should be shown throughout the earth
so everyone understands, it’s glorious power and worth.

So, set yourself a challenge, to throw the boomerang each day
and maybe, just maybe, it will come back round your way.

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