Top Ranked Central West School in HSC

Congratulations to the best performing school in the HSC in the Central West of NSW – All Saints’ College who ranked number 1 in the region – set to be even stronger together with the Scots School as Scots All Saints College in 2019.

The final 55 Year 12 students in the 144-year history of All Saints’ College Bathurst are celebrating another exceptional year of successful HSC results with 75% achieving score of Band 6 (a mark from 90-100) and Band 5 (a mark from 80-89).

  • The College achieved more than 1 in 5 (22-25%) students with ATARs of more than 90;
  • Charles O’Neill from Bathurst was Dux of All Saints’ College with an ATAR of 99.35;
  • Students achieved 45 Merit Listings across a range of courses;
  • 75% of students achieved one or more Band 5 or Band 6 results, with more than two thirds of those in 4 or more subjects.
  • Almost half of the students achieved an ATAR of 80 or more.
  • Students achieved 45 Merit Listings across a range of courses;

The 2018 HSC results are a reflection of the effort and commitment invested by our students with the caring and professional teaching, support and guidance provided by our staff. Once again students from All Saints’ College have exceeded expectations and achieved extraordinarily well in the 2018 Higher School Certificate.

Scots All Saints College, Head of Academic Excellence & Compliance, Mr Greg Jones said: “This academic success is the result of a combination of outstanding students, and teachers caring for and nurturing the individual in an inspired learning environment. Academic results are not the focus but they are a positive outcome of a caring College community.”

The cohort of 31 students from The Scots School completed their HSC with strong results with 5 students receiving a band 5 or Band 6. Students also performed well in many subjects including Agriculture with scores almost 14% above the State average.

Mr Greg Jones congratulated every student for their focus and dedication saying it had earned them amazing marks that would go down in the history books.

“Excellent HSC results are a mark of a great group of students. The success arises from the quality of the students, rather than their quality being defined by the HSC. There is, after all, more to life than collecting marks and life beyond the HSC!” Mr Jones said.

“We are particularly proud of our ‘average’ students who have achieved results that are well above average. It is pleasing to speak with students and learn that they have gained entry into their preferred university courses. We wish all of our students continuing success in the future.”

As the All Saints’ College community prepares for a new era of regional educational excellence as part of Scots All Saints College in 2019, an even stronger cohort of students is expected to emerge with greater opportunities in subject choice and a focus on positive student wellbeing initiatives.

“Attention to individual students and the encouragement of students to take responsibility for their own learning through a collaborative approach lies at the heart and soul of this success,” Mr Jones said.

“Our HSC results are testimony to the dedication of the staff at the College to nurture every individual to fulfil their potential and the commitment to excellence fostered amongst the College community. This is a value we will seek to preserve and grow in the new College environment for even greater success for our students.”


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