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At Scots All Saints College, your child will experience a sense of belonging in a close-knit community. The College is located across two stunning campuses and provides a space for students to live and learn. We provide full time boarding to boys and girls on the Senior School campus from Years 7 to 12.

Meet Paddy Barnett, one of our boarding students in Year 9, to find out what it’s like to live and learn at the College.

Paddy started life as a boarder in Year 7 at the College. Originally from Warren in regional NSW, Paddy has been a boarder at the
College since 2020.  

Why did you and your parents decide to send you to boarding school?
There is a local school in the town I grew up in, but we felt that I would get a better education at Scots All Saints as I would meet more people and have more opportunities in a supportive environment.
What do you love about boarding?
I love being able to hang out with my mates, we are all from the regions and all in the same situation. Being in a co-educational school, we get to mix with each other. The older students are friendly, and we are all very close. We also have access to a Residential Assistant and sometimes teachers come to the boarding house to give extra support or tutoring which is very helpful.
What does it feel like to be part of the boarding community?
It’s a great feeling, everyone knows everyone. If someone has to move away to another school, we all feel it, we are like one big family.
What activities do you enjoy doing at the College?
I really enjoy going into Bathurst on town leave, bowling, watching movies, going to Orange to watch Rugby, trips to the zoo and other boarder outings. There are heaps of activities with a new activity announced every two to three weeks.
What support have you received as a boarder at Scots All Saints?
When I first arrived as a student, I was given a buddy to show me around the College. That really eased me into things and he showed me where to take the bus into town and other helpful tips.
What skills have you learnt from your time boarding at Scots All Saints?
I’ve become a lot more disciplined and I’m learning a lot; we wake ourselves up every day and don’t have to be told to do things by others and learn to do things independently.
What would you like to do once you graduate?
I think I’d like to own a piece of land and make a career in the agricultural industry.

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There's a lot more opportunities to really do leadership in a boarding context . . . parents talk very favourably about boarding and building their son's confidence. As the boarding boys are at the College all the time, we can really lead them, and a lot of the boys develop those skills over their time at the College. There's also a lot of scope for the boys and girls to work together.

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