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2022 Buses

Following a substantial growth in enrolments ahead of the 2022 school year, a comprehensive review has been undertaken of the College’s own bus fleet, along with assessing the ability of local bus operator’s ability to transport our students to and from our junior and senior campuses.

The College will continue to operate bus services to Orange, Millthorpe, Blayney and Lithgow areas in 2022. Growth in student numbers from the Blayney and Millthorpe region will see the 57 seat College Coach allocated to a combined Millthorpe/Blayney bus run in 2022. This will see a change to the Lithgow bus service, which will now be divided into two seperate services. In 2022 a more direct service will operate to and from Lithgow, along with a second bus service being established catering for students from Wallerawang/Portland/Yetholme/Walang/ Napoleon Reef and Raglan.

Details of each of the 4 bus routes and the 2022 timetable can be found using the following links:

  1. Blayney/Millthorpe
  2. Lithgow
  3. Orange
  4. Wallerawang/Portland/Yetholme/Raglan

Cross Campus

For families requiring cross campus transport in 2022, the Junior school morning pick up will no longer be available.
However, this service will now operate from the Senior (Scots) campus in the morning, departing at 8.35am and arriving at the Junior (All Saints) campus at 8.50am. A cross campus service will operate from the Junior (All Saints) campus of an afternoon, departing the Junior school at 3.20pm, arriving at the Senior (Scots) Campus at 3.35pm.

For more information please contact Warren Stocks on warren.stocks@scotsallsaints.nsw.edu.au

The College understands this will increase the number of students travelling on public buses to and from the Senior campus. Students travelling on public buses will need to apply for a free bus pass using the following link:


Students who have moved from the Junior to the Senior Campus College in 2022 will need to apply for their bus pass using the link above.

Local bus service providers have confirmed they have enough capacity to cater for the additional student load and are happy to take enquiries from parents to identify the most appropriate bus route for their child.


Bathurst Bus Lines 02 6331 2744 Burraga, Rockley, Perthville,
Billywillinga, Blue Ridge,
Robin Hill, Wentworth Estate
Orange Bus Lines 02 6362 3197 Orange to Bathurst Mitchell Highway

02 6331 5767
0417 254 915
Oberon, O’Connell, Yetholme,
Brewongle, Dunkeld, Mt Panorama,
Mt Lambie, Locksley, Blayney.
Kelso Public School

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