Busy term for Visual Arts

Students in Visual Arts courses have been super busy this term. Many successful events have taken place, and assessment tasks in the form of creative artworks are being completed as I write this.

“On Friday Year 11 and 12 Visual Arts students took part in a full day Building a Body of Work HSC workshop with a Sydney-based artist Tim O’Regan. We explored a collection of past Band 6 HSC Body Of Work while learning how to curate our own Body of Work that has a common theme and practices. We learnt new techniques and practices such as image transfer and assembly of clay slabs into mechanical-looking structures. It was a great day because we now have a broader understanding of completing the Visual Arts HSC to a high standard.” Jake Henry Year 11

“This term in the Visual Arts department, Stage 5 and 6 students have had a number of excursions and incursions that have given us a wider understanding of the Visual Arts course. Early last week Stage 5 and 6 visited the local art gallery to view the nationally admired exhibition ‘Archie 100’, which was a show of 94 portrait paintings from across 100 years of the Archibald prize. It was a fabulous experience to view a wide scope of Australian paintings of popular public figures from our history. During our visit to the gallery, we completed a visual scavenger hunt which encouraged us to view the artworks closely, and we also spent time in sustained drawing of our favourite portrait.” Laura Scott Year 11

Year 12 has begun the journey of creating highly considered and inspired Body of Works that will reflect their six years of art experience in mediums and conceptual communication. These students, under the direction of James Lyle, have made an impressive start, exploring themes from portraiture, grief, school life and the life within one’s imagination.

Year 11 is keenly developing works of art that engage traditional techniques with contemporary concepts and interpretations.

Year 9 and 10 Visual Arts are working on various forms of printmaking, and Visual Design have been busy creating logo design using Adobe Illustrator.

Year 7 has been exploring self-portraiture through mixed media, and Year 8 art painting watercolour landscapes inspired by the Austrian Artist Hundertwasser.

A huge success has been the co-curricular ceramics group on a Tuesday afternoon. Twenty students were able to experience throwing pottery on the wheel, hand building and glazing works. The absolute enjoyment of this will ensure that this group runs again.

Mrs Bronwyn Jackson

Year 7 students pictured with their artwork from art class
Year 7 begin the year well.
A students painting of a rooster
Natalie Cooney painting.
A school students collagraph artwork of a butterfly
Evie Brown Collagraph.
School students standing in an art studio doing ceramics
Co-curricular Ceramics Group.


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