Mathematics Competition recognition

Scots All Saints College Year 5 Middle School student, Charlie Croaker, was recognised as a top performer in regional NSW when he received the Year 5 District Award for Bathurst in the Newcastle Permanent Primary School Mathematics Competition.

Term 4 has been rewarding for Charlie as he has received a number of great results in Mathematics. In addition to the District Award, he received a Distinction in the ICAS NSW Mathematics Competition and second place at Scots All Saints College in the Stage 3 section of the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematic Olympiad.

Head of All Saints Campus/ Director of Middle School, Mr Chris Jackman said: “Charlie’s results in these external competitions are a fitting reflection of his achievements and ability in Mathematics. We strive for academic excellence in all subjects at Scots All Saints College and have a number of programs in place that support the students in achieving to their potential.”

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