Space to create,

Creative Arts and Performance

Our students have the opportunity to develop their performance and creative talents as they shine in the annual Scots All Saints School Musical. This key cultural event showcases the performing talents of students at Scots All Saints College. The musical is open to students in all years of the Senior School (Year 7 and 8 chorus only) and takes place in Term 1 or early Term 2 under the bright lights of the Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre.

The musical affords students the opportunity to showcase and develop skills in:

  • Drama and Acting – This is a natural extension of what is learnt in Drama courses and in English. It also provides an opportunity for students not studying drama to enjoy performing on the stage
  • Musicianship and performance (orchestra) – The orchestra is made up primarily of our students giving them the chance to play with professionals in a proper live setting.
  • Dance and Choreography – Students take the lead and develop their choreography as a dance chorus
  • Technical Production – The Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre (BMEC) staff train our students in operating sound and lighting at the venue. This area is completely run by the students as they learn how to create the effects necessary for a fully immersive theatrical experience. Other students learn how to assist the Stage Manager by moving props and scenery and assisting students on the stage.
  • Choral Singing – This is an opportunity for Middle School students to participate by being members of the chorus and to get a ‘feel’ for what it takes to be in the Senior School Musical in the future.

Other events include the annual Senior School Drama Play which showcases the talents of our Year 9-11 drama students and takes place in Term 4 each year and the Year 12 Drama Performance Night which takes place in Term 3 and features the Year 12 Major HSC works.

It is also a major assessment for the students as they get to see how their pieces work in front of an audience.

Mr Andrew Abel