education beyond the classroom

Outdoor Education


Education is not only in the classroom. Scots All Saints College, outdoor education involves using the outdoors to educate students to live and work together, set goals and co-operate to achieve those goals, while at the same time learning to love, respect and appreciate Australia’s natural environment. The camp program also links experiences in the outdoors to aspects of the classroom curriculum.

Scots All Saints College offers a diverse, tailor-made outdoor education program for students from Year 3 through to Year 10. The program is sequential and provides our students with experiences that become increasingly challenging across the years.

Each camp is designed to not only physically challenge our students but also build character and enhance personal attributes. The camping skills developed through the program include cooking, sleeping out, navigation and teamwork. Each camp is held in a different location with the view to providing different but connected outdoor experiences. Full details of each camp, including equipment lists, travel arrangements and camp focus are provided to students ahead of the relevant camp.

We visit some of the most pristine and often challenging areas in New South Wales, including Wollombi National Park, Kangaroo Valley, and Kosciuszko National Park.

Year 9 and Year 10 camps will form part of the Duke of Edinburgh program which will also offer additional opportunities to our senior students.

Other weekend style activities are organised on a Boarding House basis. These camps may range from relaxing in the bush to abseiling, water-skiing, canoeing, caving, surfing or cross-country skiing.

Developing essential life skills is at the heart of our Outdoor Education Camps where students really can find the ‘space to be’ the best they can be.