rich cultural tradition

pipes and drums

A wonderful tradition is the Pipes and Drums – held in the highest of regard within the College and wider community.

The Pipes and Drums have many performance opportunities and are an integral part of the rich cultural tradition. Over its 60 years, the Pipe Band has achieved many 1st places at the State and Australasian Pipe Band Championships in their respective grades.

Our Stage 3 students are introduced to pipes and drums and receive a weekly lesson with Pipe Band Master, Mr Gil McKenzie.

Sporting pathways are available for those students who excel in sport including swimming, athletics and cross country. All students are encouraged to participate in our school carnivals and do their best. Students love to cheer on their fellow teammates at school carnivals and enjoy the opportunity to compete at higher levels. Students are encouraged to represent their school in a range of team sports including netball, cricket and rugby. Training is held on a Wednesday afternoon and games are held across the weekend.

The band members rehearse as a group one afternoon a week and Scots All Saints College offers scholarships for talented students already playing Pipes or Drums and even Highland Dancing!

Annual Pipe Band and Highland Dancing Scholarships are available for Years 7, 9 and 10. Please see our Scholarships page for more details.


Mr Michael Siede