space to play


At Scots All Saints College we want every student to feel comfortable in their space to play, whether it is just to have fun and mix with friends or to excel at the highest level.

Students in the junior, middle and senior school participate in weekly PE lessons and sport sessions with specialist teachers.

Children are encouraged to lead healthy, safe and physically active lives and are given plenty of opportunities to apply and adapt skills across multiple contexts.

An important part of our philosophy of educating the mind, body, and spirit, we aim to involve every student in a team sport.

This helps them to not only become fit and develop motor skills but also builds leadership, character, resilience and school spirit.

Team sports are particularly important as they require students to work together for the good of the whole rather than for individual.

For Years K-6, Scots All Saints College is a member of the Heads of Independent Co-Educational Schools (HICES) and participates in all the major events conducted by this Association including swimming, athletics and cross country.

For Years 7 to 12 Scots All Saints College is a member of the Independent Sports Association (ISA) and participates in all the major events conducted by the ISA including swimming, athletics, rugby, summer tennis, girls’ touch football and senior cricket.

For sports not available in HICES or the ISA we compete in either a Western Associated Schools (WAS) based competition with access to a representative pathway through the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES), or in local town competitions.

This happens in sports including football (soccer), hockey, netball, cross country, basketball and junior cricket.

Students who are identified as elite athletes are encouraged and supported in pursuing their goals.

Our teams are coached by caring and dedicated school staff and/or externally appointed specialists who handle training sessions and managing of teams.

Parents often support the College in its sporting program and assistance is always appreciated.

For Years K to 6 sport practices are generally held after school (3:30 pm – 4:30 pm) every Wednesday.

For Years 7 to 12 sport practices are generally held after school (3:35 pm‑4:45 pm) twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Students are expected to attend all scheduled practices.

If a child is unable to attend for any valid reason a parent or guardian must advise the Director of Sport and the Coach or Manager / Master In Charge (MIC) of the sport prior to practice.

space to play