All Year 2 and 3 will participate in the Junior String Program. Under the guidance of a team of professional string players students are instructed for close to an hour every week learning the violin, viola, cello or bass. Across the two-year program students learn to play their instrument as a soloist and in small and large ensembles improving fine and gross motor skills developing coordination, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, notation reading and ensemble awareness. As students develop, they are introduced to expressive techniques, more complex technical skills and becoming familiar with public performances. The curriculum classes provide a strong foundation for the practical application of musical concepts and language.

The Middle School Co-Curricular Music Program enables students to explore and develop their musical skills and ideas in a range of open and auditioned ensembles. Regular performances and tours enable our students to play instruments, sing in choirs and work in small contemporary music ensembles and bands.

The Senior School Co-Curricular Program enables students to particulate in premium musical experiences of unrivalled excellence in a range of open and auditioned ensembles. Students work diligently in these ensembles exploring difficult repertoire with outstanding musical directors.

Mrs Jennifer Stone