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Dick Crossing – Memories from the Past

An Interview with Dick Crossing a boarder at All Saints’ from 1936-1942.

Here are some memories Dick had as a schoolboy:

“There was only one small shower room with hot water…we were allowed two or three showers in winter after football training”

“There were no windows or blinds on the sides of the dormitories….they were completely open to the elements on both sides”

“The headmaster Rev Watson would not allow padlocks…he ran the school on an honesty system”

“We were not allowed to receive letters from girls….if a letter came from a girl it was confiscated”

“In the apple season on a moonlit night….would organise an ‘apple safari’…four or five would ride their bikes over to Winterbottom’s orchard near Marsden and bring back apples in their pillow cases”

“One term we were told we were to go over to Marsden and dig air raid shelters every Sunday…unfortunately the girls were not allowed to go near us….”

The full video interview:

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