Geography to ignite your French spirit!

Four french students hold up the French flag at school

We have started looking at the disciplines of Histoire-Géographie through the eyes of the French language.

To quote the French Historian Michelet:

It seemed to me that the physical material, the race and the people that continue it needed a good and strong basis, the Earth, to carry them and feed them.

Without a geographical basis, the people, the historical actor, would seem to walk in airs, like in those Chinese paintings where the ground is missing. And notice that this ground isn’t only the theatre of the action. Through food, climate, etc. it exerts influence in a hundred ways. So is the nest, so is the bird. So is the fatherland, so is the man.

Students seem well versed in their understanding of Countries and Capital cities, take some time to watch for yourself.

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Mrs Ann Maree Adamson


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