Innovation Centre well under construction

As a first for Central West Region schools, the state of the art Scots All Saints Innovation Centre is well under construction on Campus West (All Saints) to be ready for STEM classes by Term 2 2021. This is a very exciting innovation project to enable our students to excel in 21st century collaborative learning skills needed by business and industry to solve real world problems. Stage 1 of our STEM Innovation Centre focuses on Junior and Middle students’ learning experiences featuring a number of multi-disciplinary learning labs such as growth, nature, environment, design, technology, energy and more.

The Scots All Saints, Bathurst Innovation Centre will bring world’s best practice in education to regional NSW, enabling our students to work collaboratively and develop knowledge combining in skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to find solutions to overcome real-life issues.

Research shows the new basic skills needed by young people to engage in a complex world and navigate the challenges they will inherit are problem-solving, communication skills, digital learning, teamwork, critical thinking, creatively and financial literacy.

We are pleased that our students will soon have a dedicated cutting-edge Innovation Centre to build these strengths. Offering a unique collaborative space for STEM with professionally developed teachers to help out students navigate a complex world and propel them into future success as the next generation of community leaders.

This project is fully funded with the generous support from the College Foundation, Commonwealth Government’s Capital Grants program for independent schools and Scots All Saints College. We hope to be able to announce more exciting developments in 2021 in STEM Innovation for our Senior students…watch this space…

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