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Performing Arts Academy

A blended experience in music, drama, media and dance

Welcome to the Scots All Saints College Performing Arts Academy – a creative and collaborative program to encourage students of all ages to pursue a passion for performing arts. Unique to regional NSW schools, the Performing Arts Academy facilitates access to a blended experience in the core disciplines of Music, Drama, Media and Dance.

Instrumental lessons

Every student is invited to discover the joy of music and develop talents through individual instrumental lessons. Your child can choose from more than 25 instruments, with expert instruction from our professional educators.

Choirs, Ensembles and Bands

Scots All Saints offers a diverse range of choirs, ensembles and bands for students to develop their experience with small and large instrumental groups. From String Ensembles to our Concert Band, your child will enjoy a unique musical experience across scores of varying styles and genres.

Contemporary Music

Our state of the art recording studio provides artists and future sound audio engineers the opportunity to work with contemporary music professionals. Staff, including current performing and recording artists, work with students and their bands to prepare, record, produce and perform original works and covers. Many of our contemporary bands perform across the region, with some being ‘unearthed’ on Triple J.

Our quarterly Big Night Out encourages soloists, ensembles and bands to perform for their peers in a live setting. The annual Battle of the Bands is also a popular event for the College community.

Amadeus Academy

The Amadeus Academy extends the music abilities of selected students, as a dedicated music enrichment program. It inspires committed music students to focus their talents, share their passions and reach for the stars. The Amadeus Academy produces outstanding results across composition, conducting musicology and performance. Elite musicians are gathered by application and allocated a mentor from the staff.

Musicals and Drama Productions

Students can audition for the annual musical and/or drama production as a leading performer, chorus, dancer or production team member.

All students can be involved in the following productions which combine all elements of the Performing Arts Academy:

  • Scots All Saints College Musical – Years 5 to 12 (performed annually)
  • Junior School Musical – Kindergarten to Year 4 (performed annually)
  • Theatre Sports and Drama Club – Weekly sessions on both campuses for Years 5 to 12 with an annual Theatre Sports Competition.

Media and Technical Performance

The Media and Technical Performance team has a significant role to play in the Performing Arts Academy through:

  • Production of annual musicals and plays including lights, sound and stage management
  • Supporting events and functions by filming workshops and courses for editing and production
  • The management of the recording studio, production of student compositions, creation of the annual composition and promotional support
  • Co-ordination of all PA and sound system needs for College performances, assemblies and functions.

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