Middle School Leaders announced

Scots All Saints College is pleased to announce the first 12 Student Leaders for All Saints Campus who will play an important role to influence the culture of the new Junior and Middle School, representing students from Kindergarten to Year 8 in the new College environment.

Head of All Saints Campus and Director of the Middle School, Mr Chris Jackman said the new student leadership team represents a balance of students from The Scots School and All Saints’ College.

“In preparation to officially welcome the First Families and Foundation Students in Term 1, 2019, the inaugural year of Scots All Saints College, we were mindful to ensure equal student leader representation as we seek to preserve the combined 200 year plus heritage and culture of our original schools and create a new College of academic excellence, unrivalled space and specialist facilities,” Mr Jackman said.

Excitement is growing for the launch of Scots All Saints College Middle School which will bring a key alternative in education across the region targeted to adolescent learners at a critical time of development.

“In recognition of students from Year 5 to 8 being full of energy and enthusiasm, at a time when they are learning about who they are, what they can do and where they fit in the world, a new and stimulating Middle School program has emerged to give these students a more meaningful role in the College, in preparation for Senior School,” Mr Jackman said.

“The Middle School provides a stimulating and rigorous academic program, including intensive learning through project-based units of work. The vision encourages outstanding citizens through the quality of its student wellbeing, academic program and broad range of opportunities in education. It presents an exciting phase in every child’s learning.”

As a result of strong enrolments across Scots All Saints College since it’s official launch at the Spring Fair in September 2018, additional classes have been introduced for Year 7, 8, 9, now with 4 class streams to provide even more opportunity for subject choice and development socially, physically and academically.

“We are very fortunate to have a dedicated team of experienced teachers who create inspired learning programs for our students and take the time to nurture every individual to fulfil their full potential. We are currently recruiting more dynamic teachers to join the team, with staffing numbers to be complete in the school holidays,” Mr Jackman said.

The Scots All Saints College community welcomes and supports the following new Student Leaders from Year 8 to represent All Saints Campus (Junior and Middle Schools):

Emily Brown – Middle School Captain

Zane Newham – Middle School Captain

Charlotte Bertwistle – Middle School Vice Captain

Brody Paterson – Middle School Vice Captain

Xavier Adams

Francesca Burke

Megan Cook

Sarah-Joy Day

Hannah Gill

James Hillsdon

Noah Siede

Lachlan Thomas


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