Master of History

Mr Peter Grace has recently completed his Master of History, for which he was awarded a High Distinction. 

In 2018, Mr Peter Grace commenced his Master’s study to further develop his knowledge of the Ancient World. Mr Grace’s final thesis paper was on SETI 1, the second pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt.

History and all its facets have always intrigued Peter, and its influence has always been present from studying Ancient History at school and his Arts History Degree at University that finally led him into a 17-year career as a History Teacher working in NSW and Victoria. 

The level of expertise that he has attained will have a profound effect on his teaching pedagogy and enable students to access the highest level of academic expertise. 

Mr Grace joined Scots All Saints College in 2022, and we as a school are privileged to have such knowledge in our classrooms and for our students to have access to current archaeological ideas, discoveries and discussions.

Congratulations Mr Peter Grace.

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