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In a first for NSW boarding schools, Scots All Saints College, Bathurst has announced a new Middle School Boarding program where Year 5 to Year 8 boys and girls can live and learn in their own space in the newly reopened All Saints Campus boarding houses.

With the advantage of wide open campuses, fresh air and unrivalled space to thrive, Scots All Saints has proven it can support regional and rural boarding students with a safe, secure and continuous learning environment which is closer to home.

Designed especially to nurture and value the contributions of younger boarders when they may be new to our school, the unique Scots All Saints Middle School boarding program now provides an even greater opportunity for individual students to flourish and form strong bonds with their peers.

Head of Scots All Saints College, Mr John Weeks has more than 30 years leading public and independent schools. Through this extensive experience, he understands the importance of tailoring wellbeing and pastoral care to various age groups.

“A Year 7 boarder beginning their journey at the College has very different needs, compared to a Year 12 preparing for their final exams and life after school. A care, wellbeing and developmental program in boarding from an early age supports students to form strong bonds with each other and build connections that stretch beyond the school gate,” Mr Weeks said.

“Our boarders are encouraged to enjoy being kids and participate freely in activities without any concern or worry. Most children are ready to start boarding in early adolescence. They no longer need to wait to Year 7 to start boarding. We group students of similar ages who embark on a similar journey of self-discovery and development together.

“Parent accommodation is also available on All Saints Campus for all boarding families so they can be close to the boarding houses when they come for visits.

“We understand education is a big consideration for families. Parents and their children are invited to visit us for a tour campus tour, talk with our experienced and caring staff and discover why Scots All Saints is fast becoming a smart and more affordable choice for excellence in education, closer to home for regional and rural families. Students are encouraged to start fresh and start now to get a head start on their education.”

To celebrate its launch, Middle School Boarding scholarship opportunities are now open for new students entering Scots All Saints College in 2021. This limited time offer provides boarding and tuition concessions for community-minded students committed to all-round excellence throughout their time attending the College.

A Year 7 ‘Try Us’ experience day and boarding sleepover will be held on Thursday July 23. All students from Year 5 are welcome arrange an experience day to meet the teachers, join the classes, try the facilities and to try boarding. We encourage you to talk to us today to secure your child’s place by calling the Registrar on 02 6333 4726.

Middle school boarding students gain a head start to their learning. Academic excellence is encouraged from Year 5 by participating in specialist classes such as, Design & Technology, Science and STEM, Languages, Visual Arts, Music and Performance as part of the Scots All Saints Middle School on All Saints Campus.

The new boarding structure at Scots All Saints College provides a dedicated senior learning environment for Year 9 to 12 boarders on Scots Campus which offers a working farm, Performing Arts Academy and newly renovated, modern boarding houses with recreational areas, study areas and music rooms to focus on studies.

“Together, boys and girls can better envisage their pathway from Middle School, Senior School and then onto further study at University, TAFE or into the career of their choice. Whether students are interested in a trade, rural studies, academic pursuits, performing arts or STEM, Scots All Saints can help students strive to achieve their goals,” Mr Weeks said.

COVID-19 restrictions provided an opportunity Scots All Saints College to accelerate plans for Middle School Boarding. Scots All Saints College is more fortunate than most with two spacious campuses in Bathurst which allowed our students to ‘spread out’ to continue with their learning and on-campus boarding experience. Middle School Year 7 and 8 students moved to All Saints Campus at the start of Term 2 and now the boarding program can be extended to Year 5 and 6 students.

“We know this program can help young boarders flourish. Middle School Boarding students are already enjoying the extra sleep-in, the convenience of being able to walk to classes, the extra time to play in the afternoon and most of all, the opportunity to be have their own space with their friends to make the most of this wonderful College community,” Mr Weeks concluded.

Director of Community Engagement and Marketing, Mel Monico


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