wellbeing and welfare

academic excellence

Our focus is on the wellbeing and welfare of our students. While we celebrate academic excellence, and it is a key focus, it is to some extent a side-benefit of the care and support given to our students. In a nurturing environment, our students are able to achieve to their potential so that at every ability level students excel in their studies.


  • Collecting information has a positive impact on processes leading to good academic outcomes
  • Staff reflection on data – NAPLAN, tracking, ATAR, HSC Results Analysis

Quality teaching

  • Focus on students, supported by resources and quality teachers

Middle School supports smooth transition from Junior to Senior

  • Transition from one teacher to several teachers in a progressive manner
  • Flexible structures – Project work, “normal” work, staff and student collaboration
  • Connected, integrated approach between KLAs

Supportive pastoral care

Underpinned by a focus on wellbeing which supports students to do their best academically

space to excel