student music compositions

Year 11 and 12 music students complete regular composition exercises employing their knowledge and musical ideas into formal structures. It is a privilege to witness an idea evolve into a work of substance and then drawn into the studio for recording.

Each week we will release a Stage 6 composition for your enjoyment displaying our student’s capacity to engage and create.

Jack Van Yzendoorn

Here is Jack’s jazz work ‘Little Bird’ recorded with Dr Thornton (alto), Mr Longmore (drums), Robert Jeffries (Bass), Jack himself on Trombone and myself on guitar. The work has a smooth and relaxed vibe tracking a complex syncopated melodic idea with harmonic extension, an awesome solo and then the head returns to finish the standard structure.

We are so proud of our student’s ability to express themselves in this format and hope that one day we will hear their work in theatres, films and of course, on the waves!

Madison Burns

Year 12 student Madison Burns created this emotional and engaging work as part of her final year in music. Exploring layers of sound and the impact on interest Madison created an engaging and emotional song. The work starts with a solo voice and by 1 minute explores over 25 layers of sound. The work was mastered by our recording studio producer Seton from the same class. Well done Madison and Seton.

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