Past Students versus First XI Cricket match

The annual Past Students versus First XI Cricket match was held last Sunday. The final result saw the Past Students retain the Wiburd Trophy. Top scorers for the Past Students were Will Mitchell 40 (retired), Joshua Wilcox 39, and Bruce Webb 38 (retired). Bowling for the First XI: Hugh Argent-Smith 2-35, Tim Anderson, Noah Siede, Grayson Jacobsen 1 wicket each. Total 250. First XI. Jayden Spackman 40, Zane Newham 28. Alex Mitton took four wickets for 18, Will Mitchell 2-30, and Dave Gilmore and Pat Bird one each. Total 8 for 148.

Our thanks go to Greg Radford, who coordinated the event and organised the Past Students’ team. Joshua Wilcox organised and coached the First XI, was wicketkeeper for the Past Students and oversaw arrangements on the day. Our thanks to Sports Administrator Mark Wilkinson for his assistance as well.

The Past Students’ team consisted of Brett Cooper (Captain), Oliver Simpson, Greg Radford, D. Mortimer, Bruce Webb, David Gilmore, Patrick Bird, Will Mitchell, A. Mitton, Oliver Wythes and Joshua Wilcox.

First XI Team: Zane Newham (Captain), Tim Anderson, Hugh Argent-Smith, James Hillsdon, Grayson Jacobsen, Lachlan Martin, Kobe Muir, Charles Rendall, Lewis Schoenmaker, Noah Siede, Jayden Spackman and Marcus Wythes.

Mr Andrew Maher

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