Parent, Parent & Friends

Grant Baker

Parent, Parents and Friends Association – Executive

“I love the fact that the school is so friendly and inclusive. There is a sense of community where students and the whole family are welcomed”

Scots All Saints College was a natural choice for my family. The good mix of day and boarding students enables students and families to connect and share a wide range of opportunities and experiences that extend well beyond the classroom.

The networks and relationships through the school is so valuable where you not only build friendships during school but for life.

It’s a place where you feel like you belong and the whole family is made to feel welcome.

We identified strong benefits of co-education for my daughter, Sophie currently as a day student in Year 8 in the Middle School on All Saints Campus. She enjoys outdoor education and leadership programs in cadets and agriculture as well as the vast space and picturesque, country grounds offered by the College in the heart of Bathurst.

Grant Baker

Parent, Parent & Friends

“There is a sense of community where students and the whole family are welcomed”

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We work alongside each student to draw out their God-given potential and equip them with the tools to succeed not only through their schooling career but through their life.

“I enjoy constantly being with my friends and in a supportive community where everyone is able to get along and express themselves without criticism,”

Will Mitchell