Director of Junior School

Mr Anthony Roohan

Mr Roohan is currently Director of Junior School. Prior to that, he has been the Assistant Principal at St Josephs Oberon and Head of Kinross Preparatory School Sport.

Mr Roohan is a Christian is who is married with two children in the Junior School. He enjoys hiking, music (band) and cricket and has been an All Saints’/Bathurst Old Boys cricketer.

Mr Roohan’s new role will enable him to lead and inspire a dedicated team of professionals as they focus on excellence in teaching teaching and learning, exceptional pastoral care and the provision of a diverse range of opportunities that are character forming and life enhancing in a welcoming, Christ-centred community.

Mr Roohan believes our new college will be a welcome addition to the Bathurst educational landscape providing unrivalled access to resources and facilities, and outstanding, diverse and contemporary learning experiences.

Mr Anthony Roohan

Director of Junior School

“We focus on core values, relationships, courage and looking on the bright side.”

equipping for success

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We work alongside each student to draw out their God-given potential and equip them with the tools to succeed not only through their schooling career but through their life.

"I named the new enewsletter, 'The Roar' relating to the symbol of the lion in the crest - a courageous and strong voice"

Will Helms