Head of All Saints Campus & Director of Middle School

Mr Chris Jackman

Mr Jackman has been Head of Junior School at All Saints’ College since 2008. He and his wife, Melissa, enjoy an active role in both the College, where their three sons have attended, and local communities. Prior to his role at All Saints’, Mr Jackman was a Head of House and Stage Coordinator in the Middle School at Radford College in ACT. Mr Jackman has also been  Stage Coordinator and Sportsmaster at Canberra Grammar Junior School. Mr Jackman’s experience of 17 years in leadership roles in highly regarded independent schools includes managing Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 8 in both Junior and Middle School settings.

Mr Jackman believes that success doesn’t always lead to happiness but rather happiness leads to success. Teachers and students who are enthusiastic about coming to school are those who will achieve to their potential in the classroom.

As Head of the All Saints’ Campus, Mr Jackman aims to further develop the new college as a Christian community that seeks to make a positive contribution to society through the outstanding citizens it produces.  To achieve this,  the new college will foster a Christian world view, encourage a positive state of well-being, strive for the pursuit of excellence in all curricular and co-curricular activities, and build a group of optimistic learners who believe anything is possible.

Mr Jackman feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead the All Saints’ Campus into becoming the leading Pre-Kindergarten, Junior and Middle School in the Central West of NSW.

Mr Chris Jackman

Head of All Saints Campus & Director of Middle School

“Committed to developing today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders who are informed, compassionate and confident men and women of faith, who will flourish as global minded citizens.”

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We work alongside each student to draw out their God-given potential and equip them with the tools to succeed not only through their schooling career but through their life.

“Inspiring students to sing, compose, perform and improvise across many musical experiences”

Mr Jon Clipsham