Mr Samuel Gittins

At Scots All Saints College we believe it is important to give everyone in the community an opportunity to engage with the Christian world view of life and an understanding of the Christian Faith; centred in the work and person of Jesus as revealed in the Bible. We also seek to provide every student with the opportunity to know the Christian message, to appreciate its validity and value, and to respond personally.

To this end, we hold age-appropriate weekly Chapel services and Parent Weekend Chapel services to meet as a community in prayer, worship and in the reading and teaching of God’s Word the Bible.

Furthermore, all students at Scots All Saints College attend Christian Studies to interact with the Biblical narrative, Christian understandings and the wide scope of contemporary topics of which the Bible relates. This provides students the opportunity to reflect on their own world view and values as they interact with the Christian world view in a respectful and age appropriate manner.

As a college we believe that:

Made in the image of God, we find wholeness in the Gospel Call to live all for Christ.

Being ‘Made in the image of God,’ Scots All Saints College affirms the intrinsic value of all people regardless of background, race, gender and beliefs. The ‘Gospel Call’ indicates that we believe personal wholeness is found when we are restored to proper relationship with God, each other and with creation through the person and ministry of Jesus. The ‘All for Christ’ in our College Crest identifies our God-given calling to live an adventurous life for the glory of Christ Jesus.





“Made in the image of God, we find wholeness in the Gospel Call to live all for Christ.”

equipping for success

our people

We work alongside each student to draw out their God-given potential and equip them with the tools to succeed not only through their schooling career but through their life.

Mr Noel Eveleigh