Year 7 Student

Will Helms

Following a rigorous review process of the 58 competition entries by the student leader judging panel in collaboration with the College Council, the decision was unanimous that the new of the new Scots All Saints eNewsletter from 2019 will be ‘The Roar’. While five entrants chose this name in the eNewsletter category, it was the reasoning that won over the judges. Congratulations to Will Helms, Year 7 in 2019 who named ‘The Roar’ with the simple, yet effective reasoning of “Relates to the symbol of the lion in the College crest, representing a strong and courageous voice.” William has won a new BYOD laptop.

Will Helms started his education at All Saints Campus in Pre-Kindergarten in 2011 and will be in Year 7 in the Middle School this year.

Highlights for Will for his time at school included intermediate band, being a Year 6 buddy, school adventure camps as well as the annual P&F Fundraiser and community event Spring Fair, which he and his friends look forward to every year. He has enjoyed being captain of his Sports house and also representing the school at WAS and HICES in swimming, cross country and athletics.

Will remembers how great it was to learn to read in Kindergarten, partly due to the tips and encouragement from his teacher. For Will, he has gone on to also really enjoy writing stories; equally encouraged by his teachers.

He is now looking forward to speaking and writing a new language (French) and using his new laptop in the classroom. Will is excited about the opportunities the new school will present, including making friends in the larger year group and the leadership opportunities presented in the Middle School environment.

Scots All Saints College

Will Helms

Year 7 Student

“I named the new enewsletter, ‘The Roar’ relating to the symbol of the lion in the crest – a courageous and strong voice”

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