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Will Mitchell

Scots All Saints College has a long-standing and proud heritage of offering quality education to boarding families through out regional and rural NSW and beyond. As a convenient, one-stop school for boarder families, brothers and sisters can live and learn together on one campus, centrally located within the regional centre of Bathurst, NSW. Our recently refurbished boarding facilities at Scots Campus offers 150 acres of farmland and a picturesque rural setting that provides a true home away from home.

Will Mitchell, Year 12 and his sister, Harriet Mitchell, Year 9 are from Bourke in far western NSW are 4th generation boarders at the college. Along with many other boarding families, the Mitchells benefit from having siblings together at the one school as they can travel together and support each other within the College environment which caters to co-educational boarding families. Will said, “There have been times when I could comfort my sister when she’s upset. We are together at school but we have our own space too.”

Will said the College provides a supportive and nurturing program for boarders in and out of the classroom. He expressed that boarding provides the opportunity to be with friends and family which is a big advantage in terms of family support and connection. Harriet explained,  “Coming to a regional city puts you out of your comfort zone but allows you to develop as a person and access more opportunities.”

“This is a supportive community where everyone is able to get along and express themselves without criticism,” Will said.

“There are no barriers between the years and everyone can talk to everyone if they have an issue or just want to have a laugh. It is like having a family away from home.”

Will said that boarding is good for your school work and your social life!

“Being a boarder is really helpful when it comes to school work because you not only have the tutors to talk to if you need help, you also have all your mates who may be more confident or understand the topic a little better.”

Will said when it comes to making the move away from home you should definitely ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.

“You’re always with your mates and you’ll have so many great opportunities to learn and express yourself.”

“If you’re a little bit scared or homesick that’s totally normal – the others in your year group will be too and the boarders that have been there a few years will know what you’re going through and support you.”

Scots All Saints College is currently offering a new Extended Boarder Family Package – a multi-student discount for 3 or more siblings and cousins who enrol in 2020. We encourage you talk to us by calling 02 6331 3911 so we can help your family become part of our co-educational boarding family in 2020.

Please click here for more details about the new offer helping boarding families make a smarter choice to stay together while living and learning at school.

Scots All Saints College

Will Mitchell

Boarding Student

“I enjoy constantly being with my friends and in a supportive community where everyone is able to get along and express themselves without criticism,”

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