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Scots All Saints’ College was established in 2018 when The Scots School and All Saints’ College merged; combining the best of both schools to inspire the next generation of students to explore, learn and grow. With a history dating back to 1874, the College builds on the strengths of its past to develop students from Preparatory to Year 12 into successful men and women.

My time at All Saints' provided me with some of the best years of my life ... I really loved every minute of my education at All Saints' College, and for that I am so grateful. The College provided me with the opportunity to complete subjects that were of interest to me and relevant to my career choice as a physiotherapist, which kept me motivated to work hard. The teachers pushed me when they (and I) knew I could do better, and I always felt supported when things were difficult. I learnt to be resilient and compassionate, and learnt how to speak up, think critically, and challenge thoughts and ideas. Additionally, ample opportunities for leadership, whether it be on the sporting field or as School Prefect, helped me to become a better leader. These opportunities improved my interpersonal relationships which made me a better physiotherapist, and a better person.

As a boarder at Scots School, I learnt resilience and personal strength through the constant routines, boundaries and expectations that were placed upon all students. These traits served me exceptionally well when I started my butchering apprenticeship and eventually moved into running my own business. During my time at the School, I had developed the confidence and personal attributes that I could trust in and draw upon as I began to make my way in the working world.

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Scots All Saints College is committed to its mission of developing today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders who are informed, compassionate and confident men and women of faith who will flourish as global-minded citizens.

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