rethink and rewrite your child’s education

There have been many positive lessons presented by COVID-19. This challenge has provided a very timely opportunity to rethink what is most important to parents and their families – the need to keep children safe, happy, secure and to continue learning.

Education plays a very significant role in the lives of children. The ability of a school to adapt and be flexible to the changing needs of students, at the same time maintaining a strong sense of community and continuity of education is an essential service valued by most families, especially during the recent crisis.
With this in mind and following careful consideration of all government medical advice, as an independent school, Scots All Saints College, Bathurst was able to deliver a collaborative strategy with students, parents and teachers to transition to face to face classes from the start of Term 2 with all students from Pre-Kindergarten through to Year 12 back to classes earlier than most with a number of precautionary measures in place.

Head of Scots All Saints College, Mr John Weeks said: “Our priority has been the health and wellbeing of our College community yet remaining focussed on continuity of academic excellence for all of our students throughout this extremely worrying time, with the same programs being delivered remotely or in the classroom.”

“We listened to our parents, students and teachers who love coming to school not only to excel academically but to have that genuine interaction with teachers who care for them and their friends. Schools should be more than just bricks and mortar, it is where our students learn and live, where they make connections and form strong bonds that extend beyond the school gates into the future.”

Scots All Saints College is more fortunate than most with open spaces, two spacious main campuses in Bathurst with three distinct yet progressive learning environments:
• a dedicated Senior School learning environment for Years 9-12 students on Scots Campus;
• a specialised Middle School on All Saints Campus for Year 5-8 students who benefit from an individual student-centred learning approach in the critical formative years, and
• a Junior School (Pre-Kindergarten to Year 4) on All Saints Campus, Bathurst which offers the best start possible to a lifelong love of learning when children begin school.

Private College buses safely transport students from Millthorpe, Blayney and Orange directly to our campuses every morning and afternoon making it convenient for parents and students to enjoy a Scots All Saints education.

As a co-educational boarding school with two separate on-campus boarding centres and a number of facilities to enable students to ‘spread out’, Year 7 and 8 boarders have relocated to their new home in boarding on All Saints Campus which also has the benefit of enabling them to sleep-in and conveniently walk to classes in the Middle School.

In line with the Government and AIS recommendations to ‘reboot’ sport, Scots All Saints College has advanced with its ability to hold ‘Active Sports Afternoons’ in school time where students choose from a range of sports which encourage physical and mental fitness. These include orienteering, mountain biking, running, strength and conditioning, badminton, table tennis and individual training for down the track when winter sports like netball and rugby may kick off again.

Head of College, Mr Weeks said now was the perfect time for parents and students in the Central West region to review, rethink and rewrite their child’s educational future, exploring what they value about schooling.

“Students have the opportunity to start fresh and finish strong. As a College, we have proven we can be agile yet flexible to be able to alter our school operations in line with the medical advice and any further changing circumstances to continue to thrive.”

“I’m very proud of the way students have adapted to their new procedures to keep our school a safe and happy ‘space to be’.”

“Our school is blessed with a caring and dedicated staff who have worked exceptionally hard to prepare the school for the return of our students. They are an impressive team who have responded quickly to ever-changing circumstances in a most positive way,” Mr Weeks said.

Students and their parents from across Orange and the Central West region are invited to explore Scots All Saints College by attending an upcoming ‘Try Us’ Experience Day and Boarding Sleepover. Simply talk to us on 6333 4726 to find out more and to discuss scholarship opportunities. Be quick as there are limited spots available to secure your child’s place. Now enrolling for 2021.

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