sports report term 3 week 5

Here are the sports results for the weekend of 15 August 2020

Well done to all of the teams who represented Scots All Saints College with great passion and pride – both on and off the field/ court.


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC 12 15/08/2020 L.11-2 Phoebe Reynolds
SASC 13 RED 15/08/2020 L. 2 -1 Taylor Kleinschafer
SASC 13 BLUE 15/08/2020 Bye
SASC 13 WHITE 15/08/2020 L. 5 -0 Fergus Campbell
SASC 14 RED 15/08/2020 W. 6 – 1 Blake Leven



Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC LIONS 15/08/2020 L. 8-3 Soana Finau
SASC 12 GOLD 15/08/2020 W. 24 – 6 Milly Neville
SASC 12 EMERALD 15/08/2020 L. 24-6 Floss Le-Coutuer
SASC 14 RED 15/08/2020 W. 31-3 Lottie Telford
SASC 14 BLUE 15/08/2020 Bye
SASC 14 WHITE 15/08/2020 L. 22-8 Lily Moore
SASC 16 Red 15/08/2020 L. 30-11 Kitty Sharpham
SASC 16 Navy 15/08/2020 W. 25 – 8 Abbey Larkings
SASC 16 Blue 15/08/2020 Bye
SASC Colts 15/08/2020 W. 31- 24 Lauren Cant
SASC 3rd V11 15/08/2020 W. 28-20 Eliza Finlay
SASC 2nd V11 15/08/2020 L. 31-26
SASC 1st V11 15/08/2020 W. 42-11



Team Date Score SASC Player of the Match
SASC Opens 1st Blue 15/08/2020 Bye
SASC Opens 1st Red 15/08/2020 W. 9 – 1 Lily Cable
SASC 15 RED 15/08/2020 L. 0 -12 Molly Adamson
SASC 15 BLUE 15/08/2020 W. 12 – 0 Eva Price

Sports Reports

SASC Leopards

The Leopards were very lucky with the weather on Saturday after a disappointing cancellation the week before.  Their eagerness for a game was very evident.  All team members successfully covered the court and considering we have not trained that much this year the girls showed excellent passing and defending skills.  Although non-competitive the game definitely leant to our side on the score board and this gave the girls a great boost of confidence.  Ellie Koffmann deserved player’s player this week for her excellent coverage of the court, her intercepts and her willingness to play four quarters.

Buffy Phillips



The midweek 6pm game saw us take on the Macquarie Pumas. After a bit of a cold start we capitalised on some good play to post a goal. This however seemed not to spur the team on but rather point to degree of apathy that saw the game become scrappy and marking a little loose. The Pumas took advantage and through a few individual very skilful players made us pay as we found ourselves 2-1 down at the break. A much better second half both in intensity and positional play saw us on top but unable to finish off the multiple opportunities created. Player of the match Lucas Kamper who in the second half shutdown and stuck with the Puma’s main man who was unable to continue his run of havoc caused in the first half.

The Saturday game against Bathurst 75 Blue, which was on our home field at school started well with four goals scored mostly through individual efforts. Whilst ahead on the scoreboard the team was encouraged to concentrate on a better style of play which will be needed against stronger oppositions. Pleasingly the team played very well in the second half, concentrating on trapping, getting into space, playing the easier ball, and moving the ball around the park to our own players. The 6-0 win was great way to finish the weekend and good preparation for our tough mid-week game this Tuesday. Player of the Match Blake Leven who is joining out team full time and played very well on the left flank, making incursive runs, challenging everything and picking up a goal for his efforts as well.

Mark Kamper


Colts Netball

This week the Colts played the Bathurst U14 Representative team. This was the first week we had all ten players available and we were able to try out a range of combinations. The game was close for the first few centres and then we generated some turnovers in the mid court to help us establish a lead at quarter time. Poppy, Jorja and Mia were accurate under the post while Tilly, Holly and Bel helped with strongpoint defence and rebounding. Aly, Grace, Lauren and Lucy linked up well in the middle to provide continuity to the shooters. The cold weather and strong teamwork by our opposition kept the score reasonably close. It was a good opportunity to play another tight game and have the confidence to come away with a win.

Michael Germech


SASC Tigers

 On Saturday 15 August, the Tigers played against the Superstars Spirits. The team played incredibly well and demonstrated their increased confidence with the rules of the game. This week, they did a brilliant job of intercepting in particular. Some fabulous passes were made and the defence was spectacular! Well done Tigers – I am so proud of the progress you have made in such a short space of time! This week’s Player of the Week goes to Katie Kicovic for her positivity and contribution to the game’s success this week. Our next game will be played against Panthers Blayney SET on 22 August at 11.05 am on Court 3.

Karen Hughes


U18s SASC Netball

 This week was a Scots all Saints head to head match, U18s Red played U18s Blue. A pre-game decision to swap goalies, proved a test for Bella Taylor in goals that made for an exciting match. Scots Red slotted their first goal of the season when Kirsty Faulkner had a great deflection off the post. Alice Radford used her speed to work her way through the Blue’s defense on a number of occasions. The Webb family rivalry between teams was hotly contested with Victoria and Felicity marking Pip Webb, who managed to slip past them and score a goal.

Bella Taylor made many spectacular saves, but the Blue team were determined and the forwards, led by Sami Porter worked together to catch her off guard. Some creative positioning by coach, Miss Tomlinson saw Clare Mawhood in attack and scoring for the Blue team.  Eva Price inspired the Red defense and Mia Barcham beat the Blue team to the ball time after time.

The final goal of the game was a spectacular tomahawk from Lily Kable that contributed to the Blue’s win. Thanks to the parent supporters for being there in the early morning frost and we hope it was a good chance for the Year 12s to clear the heads before their important exams this week!

Sophie Hillsdon




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