sports reports term 3 week 4




The team continued with a heavy schedule of 3 games this week. The first resulting in a mid-week 2-0 win against the Macquarie Pumas. A solid start saw two early goals by Kade which incorrectly pointed to a walkover match. The rest of the match became a little scrappy with opportunities for each team unconverted. The whistle was blown a few minutes early as the match finished in the dark with both players, the ref and coaches struggling to see anything. Player of the match Kade O’Connell.

Saturday saw a double header, both games against top of the table Macquarie Tomcats. The final results of two 2-1 losses do not tell the story of the day. The first match in wind and rain saw us up 1-0 for most of the match before we were worn down by a well drilled opposition. Frozen bodies and tired legs welcomed the final whistle. The second game without the rain was a better quality match with exhibiting good marking, ball control and positional play. Fighting back from being a goal behind to be equal, we were again unlucky to concede without being able to take advantage of several opportunities created in the last 10 minutes. Thank you to the players backing up for the 14’s from previous games being Paige, Angus R and Shaylee. Players of the matches were Lachlan Munns and Shaylee Riley. Special mention to Shaylee who played four games today without having a break.

Mr Mark Kamper


Under 13s Blue

The under 13s Blue were ready for a competitive game of soccer against Eglinton Blue. As soon as the ball kicked off the 13s were ready and switched on. The defensive line was under high amounts of pressure however, we were always working to move the ball to the other half. In the second half, the Scots All Saints team was determined to equal the scores up. Callum from year 5 who filled in for us set up a fantastic goal for Tara who put it in the back off the net. First goal scored all season, boosted everyone’s confidence.
Player of the match: Baxter Killiby

Miss Sophia Bamonte


U/12 SASC girls

The U/12 SASC girl’s soccer team had a hard fought loss over the weekend. Playing in mud and water the girls went out hard against the Eglinton side displaying some great passing and tackling in our midfield. The forwards had a great game with many runs and crosses towards goal, unfortunately they were not able to concede but certainly got close. Our back line had a fantastic game and continuously held off Eglinton’s strong attack, shutting it down time after time and clearing the hall forward for our wings and striker. Player of the match went to Evie Brown, who played in the right forward position and showed her improved dribbling skills and some great passing between her and the striker.

Miss Phoebe Reynolds


 SASC Under 10s

SASC Under 10s managed to squeezed their game in against Macquarie Cheetahs just before the rain set in. Much to their disappointment there wasn’t a lot of mud around but the team were quick to make amends and tighten their defence for this week’s game. SASC dominated possession early and it wasn’t long before Darcy got the scoreboard ticking over. Hugh did well up front and scored his first goal of the season before combing with Darcy who scored one of the finest goals I’ve seen from the corner. Alex played well on the right hand side and had several quality shots at goal including one that landed in the carpark. Amtoj and Charlie positioned themselves nicely for some additional goals before Felix opened his account for the year. Nicholas threatened on the right side as well whilst Emily once again set up some goals with some good control and passing. Mason fought hard in defence and made some great clears. All in all it was quite a comprehensive effort from the Under 10s.

Mr Anthony Roohan


Under 9s

The under 9s kicked off at midday when the rain started to kick in. The motivated and enthusiastic team were ready to play on an extremely muddy pitch. Scoring a goal 5 minutes in, made the team fire up. The game was great to watch with both teams performing well, considering the wet and muddy conditions.

Miss Sophia Bamonte

U/8 Honeyeaters

 With persistent bad weather we also had persistent players who were not letting anything affect their enthusiasm.

The Honeyeaters were happy to go into every mud pool to chase the ball, defend the ball and in general go in even if there was no ball there. All the players had a great game and the score was very close as the team is improving each week, the standout for this week would have to be none other than Elizabeth Alexander who from the start was happy to get in the mix with her midfield position and instructions to follow the ball wherever it goes.
Great fun and a great game, see you at training Honeyeaters.

Mr Andrew Morcom


SASC U/7 Roos

There was rain…there was soggy grass…there were 5 players just loving playing in the rain and getting wet.

The Roos had another great match, despite the wet weather and the cold. Lucy and James were excellent on the day, passing the ball really well and doing some awesome tackling. Both nearly scored a goal, so it was great to see them get in the thick of things. Ben Alexander and Nicholas were more lucky in getting the ball through the goal and Paddy Lenehan helped out the Roos when the rain got the best out of them and a break was needed.

Thanks team for a great effort on the day and thanks to the parents for braving the wet and cold weather!
Mrs Yani Lenehan


U/7 Merinos

The Merino’s played at 12pm and the rain started right on 12! However, our 3 players were keen to run around in the rain against this weeks’ team – Eglinton Blue who kindly gave us an extra player. Despite the rain, our players kicked the ball and tackled well giving us more ball time than in previous weeks. There was a noticeable difference in our defending in front of the opponent’s goal, resulting in only 2 goals being scored throughout the game. Well done to all our players for displaying enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Great game Merinos, you are certainly improving each week.

Mrs Jennie White


SASC U/7 Emus

What a game we had Saturday 8th August!

The weather was gloomy and the field looked abandoned.

Myself and the other coach were unsure if there was going to be a match but excited most of our players had arrived and were ready to play.

I have to thank the parents for bringing their children out in the rain, without them there would have been no match to play!

Team EMU blew me away with their determination, passing of the ball and ability to stay upright amongst the mud, rain and wind.

It was a fantastic game they did everything I could have asked of them. They didn’t give up even when it got hard as we were quite evenly matched.

They passed the ball fantastically and had a great result at the end. We even had a slide tackle (very impressive)

Thank you Team EMU for all your hard work on Saturday.

Mrs Ashleigh White


U6 Collies – Soccer Report

On Saturday, 8th August the U6 Collies were matched up against Eglinton Silver. Despite the looming rain clouds, we were able to take the pitch and enjoy a full forty minutes of soccer without seeing a single drop of rain. Wet weather during the week meant that we were unable to train leading up to the match, but it didn’t deter our eager team members who were keen to take the field and demonstrate their culminated knowledge thus far this season. I’m proud to say that the Collies walked away with another win under their belt, but more importantly they are showing genuine enjoyment and excellent sportsmanship each and every week. Thank you to all players who participated on Saturday, but a special mention to Isaac Ryan who continues to show excellent improvement in his kicking skills. We look forward to playing Eglinton White on POL2 at 1pm next week.

Mrs Sarah Willis


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