sports reports term 3 week 7



On Saturday, the Colts team had the Frost-kickers timeslot of 8:45. Fortunately, it was shaping up to be a beautiful day with clear skies and no wind. True to the early start, our game began with a few errors and we were slow to start scoring. As we settled in to the first quarter, we scored a few consecutive goals on the back of turnovers from our defensive end. We had 6 goals on the board before Superstars got off the mark and our confidence grew from there. All players contributed well in their roles and have demonstrated an improvement in team work even in this short season. Our shooters converted a high percentage of shots, the mid-court linked up well and pressured thier opponents to provide a number of opportunities for the defenders to intercept the ball. As we head towards our last round game and then onto finals there are still a few areas for us to improve. Cutting down our turnover rate even further and moving better in the shooting circle will be the focus of training and playing this week.

SASC Leopards

With the super weather came some super playing on Saturday when the Leopards played the Eglington Emeralds. With a few girls away everyone had to play four quarters but this didn’t stop the energy and the commitment. Shelby gave had a great game as Centre whilst Tarani, Grace and Indiya put an impressive amount of goals in whilst working as GA and GS. Ellie continues to impressive with her fast thinking and intercepts in WA whilst Polly and Molly ensured our defence held strong in WD and GD. Grace played GK for most of the game, her determination and resilience in the defending circle meant that the team held the ball down our end for most of the game. Well done to all players, this week’s players player goes to Indiya for giving GA a go for the first time and impressing us with two goals.

Buffy Phillips

Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC LIONS 29th August W. 8 – 5 Georgie Rennie & Vesper Pearce
SASC 12 GOLD 29th August L. 10 – 17 Annabelle Baker
SASC 12 EMERALD 29th August L. 1 – 30 Charlotte McCumstie
SASC 14 RED 29th August Bye
SASC 14 BLUE 29th August W. 47 – 3 Lily
SASC 14 WHITE 29th August BYE
SASC 16 Red 29th August W. 19 – 14 Beth Savage
SASC 16 Navy 29th August
SASC 16 Blue 29th August W. 21 – 16 Charlotte Bertwhistle
SASC Colts 29th August W.34 – 11 Tilly Proctor
SASC 3rd V11 29th August L. 39 – 20 Tasmyn Davies
SASC 2nd V11 29th August W. 31 – 18 Baileigh Honeysett
SASC 1st V11 29th August W.55 – 27


Under 6 Roos

What a glorious day to get back to soccer! After those few weeks of bad weather, the Roos were back in full glory. Despite having only 4 players on the field for the whole match, the Roos were relentless on their attack and their defence. With every player scoring a goal, they finished off the match with at least 6 goals. It was a wonderful match, where each and every Roo did their absolute best, in spite of the heat and the lack of subs. I was so impressed with their ball skills, their filling in the gaps on the field and their marking of the other team. And this clearly was reflected in the score. Keep the great work Roos and looking forward to our next match.

Mrs Yani Lenehan

Under 7 Emus

We versed the Macquarie Tigers. It was quite a good match up for our Emus, it was not easy but we showed our determination using skills with amazing passing and using some fancy foot work.
We dominated when we had the ball and had fantastic defence protecting our goal. It was quite warm Saturday, we had no subs so the boys knew they were in for a long game with little breaks. They gave their all and pushed the whole game. Emus I am so proud of your efforts you have taken on board your training and active listening!

Ashleigh Baird

Under 6 Collies

Spring was in the air on Saturday, as the U6 Collies competed in their Round 7 Game against the Macquarie United Lions. With a full team line up, we were able to substitute players frequently to give players some reprieve from the unexpected heat. Who would have believed that the week prior, it was snow and freezing weather that prevented us from taking the field? This team consistently shows exceptional sportsmanship every week, so much so this week, that we even scored a goal for the opposition. The Collies are showing pleasing growth in their team skills so far this season, but this week a special mention must go to Archie Middleton who demonstrated excellent listening skills and showed determination in both defence and attack. Next week, the U6 Collies will take on Macquarie United M/Lions at 10am on POL 2.

Mrs Willis (Coach)

Under 7 Merinos

The SASC Merino’s played at 1pm on a beautiful Saturday, after being washed out last week. We played against Macquarie United Stray Cats. All players played the best game of the season so far, tackling well spreading out around the field. This ensured more ball time than in previous weeks and opportunities to score some goals. Billy Brown scored 3 goals this week, and Liam, Anders, Thomas and Tamil were instrumental at passing the ball around the field. Our defence is improving each week and players are learning to call for the ball. Well done to all our players for displaying enthusiasm and great team spirit. A wonderful game Merinos, you are certainly improving each week. Next week we play at 2pm at Police Paddock.

Mrs Jennie White

Under 8 Honeyeaters

What a day for soccer it was , the honeyeaters took on one of the form sides Panorama FC and with some great defence from Rhys flying from side to side
And Jacob in goal who managed to stop a constant attack. Up front Isaac Munns & Max Banning came across from Rosellas and were a great help with many near misses on goal.
Charlotte never stopped in the middle as usual with Ben Alexander who also played well to fill in for his sister Elizabeth .Joel had a great stint in defence and goal
being peppered non- stop with shots & Ella Jane was player of the match with a goal after marching up field with the ball. Congratulations Honeyeaters !


The Rosella’s had a fantastic game of soccer on Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining, spirits were high and the player’s developing skills were on display. Oliver, Sam and Isaac were all successful at scoring goals for our team and Bill, Jacob, Noah and Max all moved the ball well around the field, setting the ball up for our scorers and defending the opposition.  Noah and Max took a half each in the goals and defended admirably – even using their forehead at one stage to stop the opposition from scoring.  We were very grateful for Jacob to fill in for our team in Will and Alexander’s absence. Well done Rosella’s for an awesome game of soccer and displaying such wonderful sportsmanship.

Victoria Matheson

Under 9s

1:00 kick off at police paddock and the sun was shining. The under 9s were very excited to kick off as a few games in a row had been washed out. The game was very close in score and the ball was very back and forth. The under 9s played very well in the hot conditions and they are a team improving every week.

Under 10s

SASC U10s were very excited to finally get back on the field last Saturday. Following two wash outs and a bye the 10s hadn’t taken the field since the 7th August. With three of our regular players out, the 10s welcomed Jenson and Iggy to the squad. The first half was a good learning opportunity for us as we left the Bathurst 75 forwards unmarked on multiple occasions enabling them to score three goals before half time. A half time meeting to discuss this did the trick as the U10s didn’t let through any more goals and scored three themselves. It was great example of learning whilst playing and the team came so close to stealing a victory in the final moments. Great spirit 10s!

Anthony Roohan

Under 12 Girls

The under 12 girls had a tough game against first place on Saturday. They all worked well to golf off the oppositions attack and Ash Mullins has a great game in goals. Lyla was players of the match after playing fantastically in defense, midfield and striker all in the one game!

Phoebe Reynolds

Under 13s Blue

At 10:30 the under 13s blue were ready and pumped for another competitive game of the season. The impressive Eglinton blue team were very strong in the first half and dominating most of the game. At half time we gathered and spoke tatics, everyone got involved and had something to say that was useful for the team. Second half was another competitive 35 minutes of soccer, however we kept our heads up and kept playing. A special mention to Bella Owen who kept the team motivated and played well in her centre defensive position.

Sofia Bamonte

Under 13s Red

Red lost 1-0 to Collegians. Considering they only had 9 players 1-0 was a fantastic result as they actually looked like the better side for most of the match. The player of the match was Alex Le for a rock solid performance in goals. Alex made at least 9 saves most of which were one on ones to keep U13 Red in the game.

Lachlan Batley

Under 14s

Fantastic weather was served up for Saturdays big Double Header event, both against teams who beat us at the last meetings. The first game against the Macquarie Pumas started strongly with the team playing with style, marking well, making space, controlling the ball, and finding teammates with passes. Amply rewarded, they led at the break by a goal. The second half continued in a similar fashion and we were unlucky not to add to our tally, ending the game with a well-deserved 1-0 win. Player of the match was Max Hemsworth who, playing at Centre Half, was instrumental in the team holding its shape and used his ball control skills to direct and distribute play. This to date was the team’s best performance of the season.  The second game against the table topping Tomcats was eagerly awaited given the prior game’s good form. The team however appeared distracted before the match, which continued after the kick-off whistle, and put in a very sluggish and uninspiring start, being dominated by and then a goal down to the motivated opposition within 10 minutes. Despite the ominous early signs, the team fought their way back into the match and began competing for the ball and marking the very mobile opponents. Good lead up play resulted in us drawing level and realising a win could be taken. The second half was a nail-biting affair for the spectators as the game see-sawed from one end to the other with stern defending on our part and then well- developed attacking moves seeing multiple opportunities created for us. The extra goal was not forthcoming but the final 1-1 result did gain another valuable point in the race for the semis. Player on the match was Connor Stahl who had a mountain of work as sweeper, successfully running down and nullifying the many attacking forays by speedy and talented opposing forwards. A very satisfying 4 points gained from the day and promising progress by the team as we close in on the business end of the season.

Mark Kamper


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC 12 29th August
SASC 13 RED 29th August L. 1 – 0 Alex Le
SASC 13 BLUE 29th August
SASC 13 WHITE 29th August
SASC 14 RED 29th August W. 1 – 0 Max Hemsworth


Team Date Score SASC Player of the Match
SASC Opens 1st Blue 29th August W 8 – 0


Lily Kable (3) Sophie Hillsdon (1) Joanna Morrison (1) Sami Porter (1) Clare Mawhood (1) Bridget Ellis (1)
SASC Opens 1st Red 29th August L. 8 – 0


SASC 15 RED 29th August L 3 – 5


Tahlia O’Connell (2) Kate Bartlett (1)
SASC 15 BLUE 29th August W 5 – 4


Lily Kable (4) Harriet Lowe (1)

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