sports reports term 3 week 9


Under 7 Roos

Another fantastic match for The Roos on Saturday!! The team had control of the ball throughout the match, attacking and passing the ball really well. There were many goals for the Roos with one for Panorama Reds, reinforcing the fact that the Roos have been unstoppable all this season. The improvement of the dribbling skills was particularly impressive. Sadly, we lost Lucy half-way through the match who was not feeling her best on the day. Yet, she still managed to put on a great performance while she was on the field.  Excellent work to everyone and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday for our Gala Day and last match of the season.

Mrs Yani Lenehan

Under 7 Merinos

This week the Merinos played Abercrombie FC. Our sportsmanship was critical this week and the team stepped up, getting on with the game and keeping it a fast moving one. Our strength this week was our attacking skills – players were not afraid to get in and consistently tackle. There is great improvement in the control of the ball and passing to their team mates. The Merinos stopped goals by the opposition by quickly defending in front of their goal. Our defence was strong and players are learning to mark their opposition. It was a close game with only one point different at full time. The growing skill and team work that our team are showing is impressive. Well done to all the Merinos on a great game! Next Saturday is our last game of the season. The SASC Merinos play Bathurst 75 Terminators at 2pm at Police Paddock.

Mrs Jennie White

Under 8 Honeyeaters

The honeyeaters once again left it all on the field with the forwards of Elizabeth & Ella Jane really making some inroads
Up the field after receiving some great balls from our midfielders Jacob, Charlotte and young Ben who plays way above his age . With the help of Isaac Munns, Joel Banwell and Rhys Bodlay at the back the honeyeaters Managed an exceptional first half and scored a goal in the second. Let’s carry the never say die attitude into the final game honeyeaters .

Under 10s

played a tight game against Macquarie United Cougars on Saturday. The 10s positional play and passing continues to improve each week which saw them dominate field position for most of the game. Mason was solid in goal and our backline limited scoring opportunities for Macquarie. Amtoj and Harry received some quality ball up-front with Harry finishing one break with a nice goal. At half time the scores were locked at 1-1. Darcy did a great job throughout the second half working it out from our end and our forwards had plenty of opportunities to score but we just couldn’t get it past the Macquarie keeper. Mid-way through the second half Macquarie scored against the run of play and despite dominating field possession we just couldn’t find the back of the net with shots either hitting the keep or narrowly missing. Despite going down 2-1 it has been great to see this team play so hard and play to their positions until the final whistle. Well played 10s!

Anthony Roohan

Under 14s

A semi Final against the Competition leaders Macquarie Tomcats on Proctor 1 was the assignment today for SASC. No excuses were available with a perfect pitch and weather served up. The team followed the game plan and outplayed the opposition in the early stages however as can be the case a speculator from the opposition against the run of play saw us concede. To the team’s credit , through good lead up play we levelled the score by half time. The realisation that a Final berth could be achieved spurred the team on and the second half continued in a similar fashion to the first with many opportunities for us and less for the Tomcats. Weary legs started to see a shift in momentum and a well taken chance, long range shot found our net with less than 10 minutes to go. Not to be deterred the team threw everything at trying to equalise but a well taken free kick outside our penalty area sealed our fate with minutes to go resulting in a 1-3 score line. Congratulations to all the players on their achievements and efforts over the very hectic season. The team continued to develop with increasing personal skills, teamsmanship and game awareness which saw them play probably their best game on the day which was not reflected in the score line. If a player of the match needs to be awarded it goes to Alex Goddard who was everywhere through the midfield with endless energy and perseverance before finally succumbing to a knee injury picked up a few weeks ago.

Mark Kamper


SASC Colts

The roadside of history is littered with carcases of teams who have been undefeated all season only to fall in the last game. And so it nearly was again. In an abbreviated season, it is difficult to build momentum and develop the familiarity that is so important in team sport, particularly when new combinations are playing together for the first time. The game started with both teams making some basic errors so scores were quite low. Superstars got the first break and settled the better of the two teams in the first quarter. It was only with very patient passing in the mid-court that we were able to grab some opportunities and limit the deficit at the first break to one goal. The second quarter was a similar see-sawing affair and we managed to pull back one goal to leave scores tied at half time. Our defensive rebounding was definitely a strength and helped keep us in touch in a low scoring match. The third quarter saw the team build in confidence but frustratingly were unable to translate that to goals as easily as we would have liked but we still went in to the final change with a one goal lead. To maintain the momentum we had building the same seven players went out again and we were rewarded straight away by turning over and converting their first centre pass. We then converted our own to give us a three goal break. Shortly after that we scored from another of their centre passes to give us a 5 goal lead halfway through the last quarter. Going goal for goal with a late turnover by Superstars saw the final margin reduced to 4 goals. The 25-21 scoreline is evidence of the tough defence that was being played by both teams and credit to the umpires who allowed a contested and free-flowing game. Our opponents, Superstars Warriors, were well disciplined and were not intimidated by our big win over them a few weeks earlier. It is a testament to their determination and preparation that they pushed us all the way. The standard of netball throughout the game was very high and the turnovers for both sides were mostly a result of opposition pressure rather than skill errors. This game bodes well for the competition we are likely to encounter next year and fingers crossed we will get a full season to further extend the improvements shown in the last few months. Congratulations to Mia Baggett who was named Player of the Grand Final.

Michael Germech

1st VII Netball

The Grand Final had arrived and all the girls were feeling the nerves of the occasion. With COVID number restrictions court side, our supporters of; parents, grandparents, siblings, peers, teachers and friends had set up on the hill to watch the game on court 1. We had the perfect start the game and the first 5 minutes was all our way, however, with many of our players in the second game for the day, fatigue set in at the end of the 1st quarter and the Panthers were back in the game. With a pep talk and reminder to keep our eyes on the prize at quarter time, we once again came out firing with the 2nd and 3rd quarters playing some of our best netball. Zoe and Mia were shotting from anywhere in the circle, Lauren, Kate and Lucy worked tirelessly in the mid-court delivering quality passes and pulling off sensational intercepts and Tilly, Holly and Jemima constantly denied the Panthers shooters of any set play getting many turnovers. With a good lead at three quarter time, the girls went back on the court for the last 12 minutes of the season but this time we let our nerves get the better of us and for a short period of time could not convert our possession into goals. But with true heart, the team dug deep and even with 10 nail bitting seconds of extra time, the SASC 1st Netball team won the game 34-32. Congratulations to all the girls on a wonderful season and game and also to Lauren Cant who was named player of the Grand Final.

Cassandra Pearce


On the 19 September, the Scots All Saints College Firsts Hockey team played in the Under 18’s Bathurst Hockey Junior Girls Grand Final. The girls fought hard till the end, resulting in a 2-2 draw against competition leaders Kelso Hockey Club. The forward line worked tirelessly with Sophie Hillsdon, Samantha Porter, Harriet Lowe and Pip Webb taunting Kelso’s defence with their constant press and swift movement up and down the field. The midfielders rose to the occasion, with Lily Kable and Joanna Morrison working hard in attack while Clare Mawhood, Bridget Ellis and Megan Cooke held the foundations, distributing the ball to every corner of the field and running diligently from end to end. Defence worked consistently to hold their ground with Callie Molkentein and Ellie Moorhead stepping up to the plate yet again to hold off Kelso’s persistent forward line with Belinda Kidd and Natalia Burgess returning from injury to assist the team. Isabella Taylor yet again showed her skill in the goals, cementing her position in the team for years to come, by making countless saves. Unfortunately, our second place on the competition ladder meant that at full time, we came out second best. A huge congratulations to the girls for getting to the final and improving thoroughly throughout the course of the season. Best of luck to the team next year, it has been a pleasure to captain such a magnificent team, even if the season felt like it was over before it even started.

Bridget Ellis and Samantha Porter

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