sports reports week 3 term 4 2020


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC U’10  Bye
SASC U’11  31 October L: 7/67 to 4/82 Charlie Croaker
SASC U’13 Red  31 October 4 – 68 washed out
SASC U’13 Blue  Bye
SASC U’14 
SASC U’15  31 October W: Forfeit
Opens  31 October W: 5 / 151 Angus Parsons

Under 7s

The u/7s cricket team once again played really well in their second game of the season, however, unfortunately, fell just short of the victory, losing by 6 runs. With smaller numbers than usual, the team had a difficult task at hand however showed that even with smaller numbers they can match any opposition. Over the last few weeks, the u/7s have shown great levels of improvement with both bat and ball and continue to better their skills as the season continues.

James Worthington (Coach)

Under 9s

This week we were tasked with going up against a strong city colts outfit. For this game, the privilege of the captain had been handed out to Isaac Munns. In this position, he was keen, observant and energic for all of his teammates to follow. Winning the toss Issac had decided he would like to bat. Going out first, the team was strong early and found the boundary with ease to get off to a commanding start. As the innings progressed the runs began to slow, and wickets started to fall. However, with the strong start, the team was able to amount to a substantial total.  As we went out to bat a focus on line and length with strong fields was the focus. This was achieved early with not many runs coming for the opposition. However, with this strong start, the lack of wickets made it easier for batters to become comfortable and begin to score. This was seen towards the conclusion of the innings as they started scoring regular boundaries and passing our teams total. Despite the loss, the efforts by all were great to witness, and I look forward to next week.  Special thanks to all the parents and scorers there for the match. We can’t do it without you.

Joshua Willcox (Coach)


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
Scots All Saints Diamonds  Bye
Scots All Saints Emeralds  28 October
Scots All Saints Lions  28 October L: 24- 18 Riley Hunter
Scots All Saints Leopards  28 October L: 23 – 24 Riley Elms
SASC 1st V Girls  29 October L: 28 – 45 Mia Baggett
SASC Zero  29 October L: 20 – 83 Felicity Webb, Matilda Proctor
SASC 1st V Boys  29 October L: 48 – 38 Oscar Stocks
Scots All Saints Hurricanes 30 October W: 28 – 26 Noah Newman
Scots All Saints Typhoons 30 October L: 34 – 16 Jake Scrimshaw
Scots All Saints Pumas 30 October W: 35 – 2 Lincoln Craft
Scots All Saints Cyclones


30 October L: 20 – 17 Isabelle Jones
SASC 2nd V Boys 30 October L: 21 – 51 Zac Allan
SASC Highlanders
SASC Celtics
SASC Mules 30 October L: 12 -70 Tom Cox
SASC Hawkes 30 October W: 20 -17 Nyah Cashen
SASC Avo-Cardio 30 October L: 40 – 24 Hannah Lambert

SASC Emeralds

Scots All Saints Emeralds had a fantastic game of basketball on Wednesday afternoon. They played ‘The Energisers’ who were a very even competitor. The Emeralds were much more successful this week at making the most of our scoring opportunities and working as a team. The Energisers took the win but the Emeralds should be very proud of their improving efforts.

Ms Victoria Matheson (Coach)

SASC Zeros

The Senior girls worked hard this week in training as they knew they were coming up against a formidable team this week which carried many representative players including a few from SASC.
We started slow and just never regained any traction. Our opposition were finely tuned and were able to pick us apart with their high percentage shooting. However, this did not deter the girls. They worked hard all game and never let the score dampen their positive approach to playing. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the game and we could all see improvements in our overall game play from last week. We went down on the board 20 to 83.  This week we will practice our shooting and diamond defense. We continue to reach our goals each week scoring double figures on the scoreboard.  Best performances were Felicity Webb and Matilda Proctor.

Mr. D. Bailey (Coach)

SASC Mules

We had nearly the full team available for this game with Mitch Giffney returning. Again our goals were to defend and shoot close to the basket and pass the ball early to avoid intercepts. When we played defence in the key, we were able to limit our opponents to only one shot, however, we got caught ball watching a bit and left some gaps for them to exploit. Heading into offence we turned the ball over too often by trying to dribble between two defenders and this cost us scoring opportunities. When we did pass the ball we were able to find open shots and although not a lot went in, at least the ball was getting closer to the ring. Our zone defence was working better in the second half and forced our opponents into more outside shots. On this occasion, they actually made a lot threes and hence the score didn’t reflect our disciplined approach to defence. Most of our points came from inside shots, including a couple of layups to Tom and Akaal. Toby was running the floor well and assist of the night to Mitch Ellery spotting and then finding Tom open under the basket with a pin point pass. Sam was his usual dynamic self in defence and Christian hauled in a swag of boards. Brody and Mitch Giffney were again solid in defence, stealing the ball and helping out in the key. We are in a tough competition we will have time to work on our skills and teamwork over what is hopefully a full season.

Score: 12-70
Best Player: Tom Cox

Mr Germech 

SASC 1st Girls

This week was a tougher game against a team with a bunch of representative players. Despite our relative lack of experience, the girls did not take a backward step. Our rebounding was more determined, we were quicker to react to changing circumstances on the court and our foul count showed we were going to defend strongly. Overall, our passing has improved dramatically, but it is probably to be expected when you throw a bunch of netballers onto a basketball court. Sitting more patiently in defence enabled us to pick off more intercepts and defend the basket better. We even managed to score a few open baskets of our own on the back of our running into offence and catching the defence napping. It is pleasing to see every player giving it their all at both ends of the court. Highlights this week included Lauren’s intercepts and confident dribbling down the court, Lucy’s tough work in defence and powerful passing and Mia’s dominating presence inside the key. Special mention also goes to Mia for not letting go of the ball even when she was dragged to the ground. I’m sure her opponent will think twice before trying that again! As a result of our more confident passing we were able move the ball quickly and find good, open shots. Some more work is required with our short range shooting and lay-ups but there is no doubt this team has the potential to challenge the top sides by the end of the season.

Score: 28-45 loss
Best Player: Mia Baggett

Michael Germech (Coach)

Touch Football

Team Date Score SASC Player of the Match
SASC Sunflowers
SASC Andromeda
SASC Whirlpool Eliza Fox
SASC Pegasus Eden Azar
SASC Pinwheel
SASC Sombrero 2 November W: 6  – 0 Eva Green
SASC Magallenic 2 November W: 10 – 0 Lilly Cable
SASC Red  31 October W: 9 – 0 Hannah Dunn
SASC Blue  31 October W: 9 – 0 Harriett Lowe
SASC Jets  31 October W: 7 – 3

SASC Pinwheels

The afternoons were in stark contrasted to one another. Last week with the fields under water, to this week with beautiful warm weather and clear skies. All the U14 teams all did well for the first games of the season. The Pegasus (SASC) team played the Touchdowns who lived up to their name by scoring 6 tries. The Whirlpools(SASC) played the Quicksteps and had a close match of 3 tries each. The Pinwheels (SASC) played the Not fast but furious and had a comfortable win. From all accounts all teams played well and had great time being able to get out and play competitive sport again.

Players player
Whirlpools(SASC)- Eliza Fox
Pegasus (SASC)- Eden Azar

SASC Sombreros 

The girls started the game out quite positively, considering they only had 6 players and no subs. We decided to rotate positions so all girls could get a fair amount of work in the middle of the field and a break on the wing. We have been working on communication at training for the past couple of weeks and this showed throughout the whole game.  Eva had an absolute cracker of a game scoring 4 tries. Josie and Shay-Lee also saw themselves across the line making our win 6-0. I am very proud of how the girls played with the bare minimum amount of players.

Kate Gullifer (Coach)


It was a strong first interschool game for the season. Good metres made up the centre of the field and the use of pace was excellent. Hard work from our wingers who stayed on all game allowed constant rotation of the mids and links. The Girls can keep working looking upfield to exploit weaknesses in the opposition defence.

Patrick Sinclair (Coach)


Fast running in the mids and links and well-focused arrows lead to good breaking up of the opposition defence. Some great passing and field awareness helped dominate the scoring on the field. Defensive speed and position was good but is still an area we can continue to improve.

Patrick Sinclair (Coach)


This coming weekend 7th November SASC tennis have a bye. Last Saturday against Saint Stanislaus’ College we only managed to start the first sets of doubles matches before rain and hail washed out the games. An early bus was organized to return boarders and parents were contacted. A final decision on how this counts towards the competition will be decided by the ISA/WAS sport conveners.

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