Sydney Royal Easter Show 2023


The Scots All Saints Cattle Show Team exhibited 26 steers at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Five of these steers were home bred, whilst the remaining steers were bred by our amazing supportive stud breeders – the Kirk Family, Peak Hill, the Mawhood Family, Oberon, the Scott Family, Meadow Flat and Summit Livestock (Hayden and Jasmine Green), Uranquinty.

The team took 24 purebred Limousin steers and two purebred Angus Steers. The students prepared these animals, which began during Term 3 2022. The team was capably led by Victoria Webb, Hannah Gill, Hannah Dunn, Ruby Dunn, Oliviah Grimshaw and Jessica Mills. All of these girls have been a part of the Cattle Show Team since they were in Year 7 and 8. We were also led by our wonderful ‘red shirters’ who hold a leadership position in the team, and this included Eva Green, Lily Moore, Taylor Kleinschafer, Phoebe Shearman, Philippa Webb and Patrick McKiernan.

After one of the best shows we had ever had in 2020 and 2021, we were blown away by our results this year which were our best ever. A summary of the results is as follows:

  • Champion Open Lightweight Purebred Steer – a Limousin steer bred by the Kirk Family, Wilworril Limousins Peak Hill
  • Champion Open Middleweight Purebred Steer – a Limousin steer prepared and paraded by Hannah Gill and Hugh Cleton and bred by the Kirk Family, Wilworril Limousins Peak Hill
  • Champion Open Heavyweight Purebred Steer – A Limousin steer prepared by Jessica Mills and Annie Triggs bred by Hayden and Jasmine Green, Summit Livestock, Uranquinty. This steer then went on to win the GRAND CHAMPION STEER
  • Charlotte Lindsay, Lillian Oke, Lily Moore and Paige Hatton all competed in the Junior Parading competition. They paraded so professionally in horrendous conditions (torrential rain) and should be very proud of themselves.

Our animals were then sold via auction, and to top off an already extremely successful show, we took out the two top-priced steers of the show. The top price was our Angus, bred by the Mawhood family and sold for 850c/kg. The second top price was one of our Limousin steers, bred by the Kirk family, and it sold for 840c/kg.

Our animals were then processed, and we eagerly awaited the carcase results. The results came through, and they were outstanding. A summary of the results is as follows:

  • Champion Heavyweight Carcase with a steer bred by Summit Livestock
  • Most successful School Exhibitor winning the Eve Cullen Memorial Trophy, which we have now won for many years now.
  • Champion Group of School Carcases

We had Jessica Mills, Marcus Wythe, Taylor Kleinschafer and Lily Moore all compete in the Junior Paraders Competition. Jessica was our school representative, whereas Marcus, Taylor and Lily all had qualified to compete in the State Finals. All placed extremely well, with Taylor and Lily placing first, Marcus second and Jessica Third.

Junior Judging is an art, and Lily Moore has a great passion for it. She competed in various Junior Judging competitions, including Beef Cattle, Meat Sheep and Poultry. In the Beef Cattle, there were 35 competitors in the State Final. Ten were selected to do oral speeches based on their results of the judging – three Scots All Saints students (past and present) were in the final – our own Lily Moore along with Paige Hatton and Lillian Oke (Year 12 2022) – these girls did amazing oral speeches on their placings of the animals and all three then placed in the top 5. Lily also placed fourth in the poultry judging and was awarded Reserve Champion for the Meat breeds sheep judging. Congratulations to all.

Many thanks must be made as this is a huge team effort.

  • To the students – I am blessed to work with each and every one of them – these students are phenomenal – the work, commitment, maturity, leadership and dedication they show are amazing – two mornings a week, they turn up to cattle training, always with a smile, always with a willingness to work hard. The word ‘proud’ doesn’t seem to be enough – they are a credit to themselves, their parents and the school and should be an inspiration and role model to all.
  • To our parent helpers – these amazing people volunteer their time and are always on hand to help – a team this size cannot be run without help. Help and support (and a whole lot of fun) are what these people bring to this team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. A special mention to Sue Webb; this was her last year as Victoria is in Year 12 – she has done ten years at the Sydney Royal and is always an extremely hard-working and helping hand. He contribution is greatly appreciated, and she will be sadly missed.
  • Laura Kirk, who is my wonderful assistant – her work ethic is commendable, her leadership inspirational, and her professionalism appreciated more than words can say! She was an absolute credit to the team.
  • To our wonderful school farmhand, Mr Bruce Inwood, his work behind the scenes is so greatly appreciated, the care he takes of the animals is absolutely fabulous, and we couldn’t do what we do without him.
  • Finally, our school, which fully supports this program, we are very grateful for the school’s continued support.

Mrs Libby Dawes, Director of Agricultural Studies and Equestrian


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