Why Middle School is giving students the edge before Senior School years

Developing today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders

A relatively unique learning environment has been created in the newly formed Scots All Saints College where a progressive educational structure bests support adolescent learners in their critical stage of growth and development.

The concept of Middle School is not new but is a first for the Central West of NSW and many local students from Bathurst and surrounding areas are benefitting from this individual student-centred approach to learning in the critical formative years 5 to 8.

Introduced on All Saints Campus, Bathurst in the foundation year of Scots All Saints College, Head of Campus/ Director of Middle School, Mr Chris Jackman is a firm advocate for the Middle School structure which delivers outstanding results in and outside the classroom.

“Acknowledging that adolescent learners have specific needs, our Middle School has a structure that allows us to implement a quality student wellbeing program in a meaningful context,” Mr Jackman said.

“Middle Schooling focuses on an individual student-centred approach to learning where we are committed to developing todays learners into tomorrow’s leaders who are informed, compassionate and confident men and women of faith, who will flourish as global-minded citizens,” he said.

The overall curriculum is guided by the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) for Stage 3 (Year 5 & 6) and Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8). Students study all Key Learning Areas including English, Mathematics, Science, HSIE (Geography and History), Technologies, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, Creative and Performing Arts.

In addition to this all students participate in a Christian Studies class every week and there is an explicit Student Wellbeing program based on the research of positive psychology to build resilience and equip students with mental fitness and health not only for school but for life.

There are also opportunities for Year 8 students who could easily be ‘lost’ in a larger high school environment, to take on leadership roles as Captains and Prefects and represent their College in the community. In effect, this adequately prepares them before they reach the more senior years of High School. Coming through Junior School to Middle School at Scots All Saints College provides an excellent starting point in the early years of schooling to maximise the opportunities at the College before entering Middle School. Alternatively, entry into Middle School from Year 5 is another popular avenue for many enrolments enabling students to fully embrace the physical, social, emotional and spiritual learning environment.

The new multi-campus structure at Scots All Saints College of Junior (Years K-4), Middle School (Years 5-8) on All Saints Campus and Senior School (Years 9-12) on Scots Campus also encourages students in Years 9-12 to grow in a level of maturity for they can focus on study and learning confident and ready for life after school.

“Essentially, we are building leaders for our future. We are confident, our students will be the influencers in our communities – well-informed, compassionate and confident men and women of faith, who will flourish as independent, responsible young people,” Mr Jackman said.

“It’s a really exciting time to be at the College and to be part of this history-making era of education in regional NSW. Scots All Saints College is a fabulous place that students love to attend. We invite parents to learn more about what we have to offer. Parents and students from Kindergarten through to Year 12 are welcome to come meet the teachers, tour our campuses, mix with the other students and see what we are all about,” Mr Jackman said.

Discover what education should be at our experience days and other events, simply visit our website for further detail – https://scotsallsaints.nsw.edu.au/tryus or call 6331 3911.

The key elements of the Scots All Saints College Middle School advantage includes:

  • Progressive, flexible teaching structure – Age appropriate learning, growth and development.
    Unlike High School which is structured by a focus on ‘subjects’, Middle school provides flexible academic structures including project work where there are opportunities for staff collaboration and team teaching across multiple subjects
  • Child-focused – Emphasis on quality pastoral care and the delivery of research-based Student Wellbeing and Support Services. All students in Years 5 to 8 have a Core teacher who knows students well and looks after their wellbeing.
  • Engaging and Rigorous Academic Program – A broad range of academic courses and activities which challenge all students to achieve their personal best. Excellence in teaching and learning practices
  • Leadership Opportunities – Year 8 student leaders and Year 6 House Captains
  • Co-curricular Program – An extensive range of sporting, music and other co-curricular activities which develop and enrich personal growth.
  • Christian Worldview – An understanding of the Christian world view based on the faith of Christ

Background information on Scots All Saints College:

Preserving and building on strong foundations of two longstanding and very successful schools in Bathurst, Central West NSW All Saints’ College and The Scots School, in 2019 Scots All Saints College is emerging as a regional centre for diverse opportunity, educating students to be creative yet critical thinkers, ready for the innovative age.

Scots All Saints College is a premier, independent Christian College owned by the Presbyterian Church in NSW with three campuses: Pre-Kindergarten, Junior School (K – 4) and Middle School (5 – 8) on All Saints Campus; Pre-Kindergarten, Senior School (9 – 12) and Boarding on Scots Campus and Pre-Kindergarten and Junior School (K – 6) on Lithgow Campus. Boarding is available from Year 5 onwards in four boarding houses located on Scots Campus with boarding students in the Middle School transported by bus to and from All Saints Campus every day.

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