Winter sport reports week 5 term 3


Under 16s
Central Coast Grammar School


Coaches: Mr Peter O’Neill & Mr Murray Rosewarne

Manager: Mr Marcus Croft

The U16s Scots All Saints team gallantly made their way into the 2019 grand final on the back of some spectacular rugby throughout the year. The opposing teams had met twice during the regular season and were one-a-piece going into a final that promised to be a hard-fought and tough affair. Early tries were scored but it was Central Coast that went into the break leading 15-12. Although dominating the forward play throughout the first half, we failed to apply pressure on the scoreboard, despite been awarded three penalties within range. It is difficult to remain calm under pressure, both for player and coach alike! Half time saw us trying to revisit our game plan and the issues that were holding us back, and with the premiership there for the taking, the second half began explosively. I have heard it said that you should never bet on schoolboys’ rugby and this was a game that was going to go either way. The SASC team had a new lease of life early. They drove the ball up field strongly and ran the ball into the mid-field area on numerous occasions probing for opportunities. CCGS retaliated and a wayward pass of theirs was intercepted by Andy Jackman, and he ran at least 50 meters to score under the posts. With the conversion, the score was now 19-15, our way. We had our tails up and we found ourselves pressuring their defence, only to be held up over the line. Our phase play was measured and patient but unfortunately the occasional mistake let CCGS off the hook more than once. The opposition made their way up field and with about seven minutes to play, we lost focus and three quick tries saw the opposition take the match 30-19.

The forwards were tenacious throughout and led by none other than captain, Charlie Harris, who seems to grow a foot taller every game that he plays. We spoke about the breakdown, support and continuity prior to the match and the forwards worked hard to maintain possession, turn the opposition ball over and protect their half back. Otto Kuhn, Lachlan Beath, Rob Jeffries and Jack Van Yzendorn helped Charlie stamp our brand of rugby on the match through fearless running as Max Corbett, Hugo Greene and Hamish Carter again absorbed the hits in the front row. Ralph Nicholls, Jordan Stanmore, Darcy Roberts, Rowan Savage and Anson Biggs provided fresh legs in the pack at crucial times, helping to lift the team in the second half in our attempt to drive CCGS back inside the ruck zone. Angus Rendall handled the first half relatively well and, with maturity, will continue to improve as an organiser around the breakdown. Will Webb enjoyed organising his attack in the second half and competently took over from Baxter Rivett at fullback when he was injured and helped from the field. Darnell Polsen, once again displayed commitment and courage to fulfill his role at fly half with distinction, running fearless lines and often taking on two or three opposition players alone. Andy Jackman, Pat Walker and Sam Lloyd followed Darnell’s example and they displayed a tough line of defence, particularly in the first half. They explored all their attacking options in the second half to try and break the CCGS line, but found the task particularly difficult. Zac Haynes, Callum Duncan-Kean and Hugh Neill on the wings all stood their ground in defence as best they could but the injection of the extra man by CCGS tested our ability to slide in defence. Unfortunately, our wingers did not get too many opportunities in attack. Baxter Rivett looked comfortable when CCGS kicked over the top, as we predicted they would, and he secured the red zone with confidence and skill.

The coaches would like to thank the reserve bench for their commitment despite limited game time. It has been wonderful (and a little unusual) to have twenty-six players in a squad and it has been a difficult task giving everyone game-time, particularly toward the latter part of the season when the pressure was on. I would also like to thank three boys who were an integral part of the squad but due to ISA rules, did not take part in the grand final – George Butler, Ben Bingley and Tom McCumstie.

The coaches and the College are extremely proud of the U16’s ability to grind out ‘finals footy’ and continue to improve against strong schools like CCGS, Redfield and Chevalier College. These schools often have a nucleus of players that band together in the primary years. However, despite the issues with the merging of two schools and two different groups of people, the U16 squad demonstrated the ability to bond quickly and develop their skills from their first training session. Congratulations to the team, their parents and their supporters, on their wonderful achievements this year and naturally I wish the team well in the years ahead. Thank you to the parents for their unwavering support and their ability to create a united vocal front on the sidelines each weekend. A special thanks to John and Melanie Harris who took on the enormous job of strapping players prior to each game.

A final thank you to four gentlemen that I have had the pleasure to work with for many years and the privilege of their friendship for even longer. Murray Rosewarne, Marcus Croft and Dave Hitchick: great men, great support and always ready with wisdom to share. I appreciate all the help that you have given in steering these young men to where they landed this year. To John Cranfield, our Patron of Rugby, thank you for your tireless dedication and weekly words of encouragement.

Mr Peter O’Neill (Coach)

LOST: 30-19
Try Scorers: Andy Jackman (2), Charlie Harris
Conversions: Andy Jackman (2).


1st XI

Saturday morning saw the 1st XI play against Souths, a game that would ultimately decide the minor premiership for the season. It was a hard fought match with both sides having waves of attack with dangerous shots. Our girls have been working on working to create options for passes and this game was no exception. By switching the ball, looking for back options and triangle passes the girls moved the ball well to create some team goals. The girls are coming together for the end of the season well. They moved as a wave in attack and scrambled to help in defense. The player of the match in a unanimous vote from players, spectators, opposition and umpires was Bella Taylor. She saved multiple match winning shots from girls who are representing in high levels of hockey. Time after time she put her body on the line- diving, reaching and kicking the ball away from the goals. She should be congratulated for a spectacular effort throughout the whole game. Our girls came away with not only a win but have sealed the minor premiership with one round remaining this coming Saturday. The final score was 3-2 with goals going to Lily, Sophie and Brooke.

Miss Stacey Tomlinson


The SASC Blue team had a great win on the weekend, with the final score being 3-2. In our coach Mrs Rendall’s absence and with no subs, everyone stepped up and played a fantastic game. The improvement from everyone in the team was evident as teamwork and skill proved key and all the goals coming from good passing. Our amazing goalkeeper Bella Taylor had another great game, contributing heavily to the win. Mia Barcham, Tikira Hawkin and Jac Burge continued their consistent solid work in the backline. Special mention goes to the goal scorers Joanna Morrison and Zoe Koffmann (2). Thank-you to Ms Johnstone and Mrs Mawhood for filling in as coaches for Mrs Rendall.



U6 Brumbies

The Brumbies played their best soccer game over the weekend setting up goals for one another passing the ball up the field and supporting each other a great game for all. Players Player went to Terran for improvement in sharing and not fighting with team players.

U6 Leopards

WHAT A GAME!!! We versed our very own Meerkats. The kids loved seeing their friends who they train with it. It was great to see them play against each other. It was very closely matched.
The stand out was our team work. They passed the ball extremely well, ran to get in front of the opposing players to take the ball and protect our goal! Overall just a great game. Player of the match was Liam.

U6 Meerkats

Meerkats had a really great game against another Scots All Saints team, the Leopards. Both teams played really well and it was the most involved all of the Meerkats have been this year.

U6 Wolves

I think it is fair to say that the Wolves’ match last Saturday could have been the best one of this season. Everyone was engaged, focused and doing their best! Hugh’s effort on the defence was great. He took good positions on the field and even helped to stop a ball that would have been a sure goal. Lucy run, tackled, received and made very good passes. One of her kick offs was wonderfully executed, and so was intercepted by Hunter who sent it straight to the goal. Patrick was a little machine: running, chasing, tackling beautifully, and never giving up. Hunter’s skills were amazing. He scored so many goals and he also moved really well all over the field. Thomas was impressive, again, with his perseverance in the attack and goal scoring. He showed great balls skills, especially a back kick that left everyone watching in awe! Nicholas was on fire! He was all over the field, running, tackling and scoring many goals. His performance on the day was brilliant and he received the Player of the Week Medal. It was a wonderful match, where the whole team played so well. What was most impressive was everyone’s kindness on the field, checking on players who may have got hurt and offering help. Lovely skills and sportsmanship on the day Wolves, well done!!

U7s Emus

Another great day at Proctor Park and the Emus tried valiantly all day, Lucas made some strong touches, Dylan made a great return with lots of enthusiasm, Noah and Joel covered lots of ground in a short time to show some big defensive efforts and Jacob & Hayden were strong in the middle with Hayden on the ball non stop to deservedly take out player of the day !

Under 8s

A great win this weekend for the u8s Lions, with a strong 5-1 win over Eglinton Silver.
Once again, our kids had so much fun, playing with passion and great sportsmanship.
Goals this week were shared by Lachlan Munns, Georgie Hemsworth, Leila Markwick and Aleki Finau scoring 2. Player of the match this week went to birthday boy Aleki Finau.
The improvement displayed each week by this team is a pleasure to watch.

U9s Thunder

The Thunder continue to show how far they have come this season with another admirable effort against Collegians Blue. The Thunder are competing well each week and continue to develop their spatial awareness. Improved spatial awareness is assisting the Thunder in scoring goals each week. This week Harrison scored a hat-trick whilst Hayden scored another one from a tight angle. Mason did a great job in the backs in the first half, saving several shots at goal whilst Charlie again had several shots at goal but couldn’t quite find the back of the net. Isabella enjoyed some quality time in the forward line whilst Felix continued his good form in the mid. Thanks to our Lightning buddies who assisted with our playing numbers too.

U9s Lightning

The Under 9’s Lightning had to fight hard every centimetre of the way to beat Collegians White in a thriller. Trailing 1-0 at half time, Lightning came home strongly to win 2-1, thanks to goals by Jensen ( left-footer!), and Hayden who read the game beautifully to be at the right spot at the right time. It was a terrific game, with great skills displayed by both teams. Lightning’s teamwork continues to improve; each week everyone is thinking more about passing and finding space for their team-mates. Nick won the player of the week. He was everywhere in defence (first half), and attack (second half). Well done, Nick. And congratulations to the entire team. On we go. Getting better and better. And…always having fun and trying our best.

Under 10s

The U10’s soccer team started their game well but quickly found the speed of the opposition hard to match. However, the backs and goalie worked hard to repel repeated strong incursions into our half with a brave and determined defence. With a bit of a break, some reflection and orange slices at half-time the U10’s re-entered the match with zeal. Chasing harder, our midfielders intercepted the opposition attack much earlier and allowed our team to turn the ball back into the opposition half. This then allowed our forwards the opportunity to cross the goal for a number of strikes at the goal. I was very impressed that our players (with only one sub) were able to find the passion to step up their play the longer the game went. Well done!


SASC Stars

The Stars played against Panthers Blayney Set in a great match on Saturday. It was wonderful to see our full team play this weekend, with each player giving 100% to the game when on the court. The team showed just how far they have come this season with their defending skills, as the girls managed to intercept the ball on several occasions. Sadie Chapman was our wonderful Player of the Week this week as she made some amazing passes throughout the game! We have only 1 game left of the season unfortunately – where has that time gone? I look forward to seeing everyone with their crazy hair and socks on Saturday as we play against Superstars Hotshots at 9.55am on Court 4. Please check your email for details on the presentation this weekend and future netball training sessions and celebrations!

Miss Karen Arthurs (coach)

SASC Hotshots

The hotshots played a wonderful game on Saturday against the OOT Ducks. Matched in fitness, height and ability the Ducks forced the Hotshots to play one of our best games yet. Teamwork, speed and perseverance meant that time after time the ball was in our circle giving the bright sparks Monique, Alicia Polly and Molly plenty of opportunity to score. There was many smiling faces on Saturday from sheer delight at their own efforts and confidence gained from lots of hard work this season in refining our skills. Looking forward to a fantastic last game this Saturday.

Mrs Buffy Phillips (coach)

SASC Greats

On Saturday the Greats played their best game yet. They had very tough competition in the Superstars. The girls all played their best, I was extremely impressed with all players dedication and focus on the game. Georgia did a wonderful job at moving around the circle, Emily shot four goals under a lot of defence pressure, Sybilla was amazing in defence demonstrating great talent, Lydia played a remarkable game who always smiled and fought for the ball, Gracie threw many amazing passes and lead the team down the court, Laura never gave up and fought for the ball, Ava was always by her opponents side and defending with her arms, Tess played in the mid court and was always moving to help her team mates pass the ball down the court and Claire did a remarkable job at getting the rebounds and keeping her opponent out of the goal circle. Well done girls! I am so proud of you all. We play our last game on Saturday 31 August.

Miss Bronte Murray (coach)

SASC 14 Yellow

Scots All Saints 14 Yellow fought right to the end, in a nail biting game on the weekend against Bulldogs Thunder. Every player worked their absolute hardest and gave it their all. Issy, Libby and Caitlin maintained fierce defensive pressure throughout the game while also allowing opportunities for Elspeth and Heidi to show off their shooting expertise. Emily, Beth and Zanthie were valuable options in the centre court moving the ball smoothly around the court. Winning by 2 points in the end, the girls should be extremely proud of their efforts.

SASC 14 Orange

The 14 Orange team were pumped for their game against the Panthers Roar team. This team are sitting just above them on the competition ladder so victory was a real possibility and something that the team were absolutely striving for. The sniff of triumph was as far as the Oranges got but it wasn’t through a lack of effort or enthusiasm. Again, I was impressed with the energy these girls display on the court week in week out. The Roars were too good on the day but there is always next week!

Kay Nelson

SASC 14 Purple

SASC 14 Purple are commended on their effort against the Bathurst 12 Development team on Saturday. They were far too strong for us and moved the ball quickly down the court. Our passing unfortunately let us down and this resulted in many turnovers. Well done to our team for playing hard until the very end and encouraging each other to keep going! A big thank you to Elspeth for filling in for us at the very last minute. We have one more game this season against the Superstar sparkles at 11:05am.

SASC 14 Green

The Scots All Saints Green has a fabulous game. While every girl was amazing and spectacular with everyone knowing what to do we might have had a few mishaps but we all know that sport is not about wining it is about having fun and loving that sport the Scots All Saints Green a an amazing group of girls and we are all spectacular at this sport wonderful job Charlotte Munns who go the player of the week.

16 Red

The 16 Reds had an amazing game on Saturday in which they showed the skill and teamwork they have been developing throughout the season. Our opposition were short of players but the girls didn’t take the win for granted. They played with focus and determination the entire time on the court. The game was a pleasure to watch and evident to all that the 16 Reds are a cohesive team who play as one. Well done girls.

Mrs Nelson (Coach)


The Colts played Panthers Bx Motors on Saturday morning and had a very good win. The match was quite balanced for the first 3 quarters and it was only in the 4th quarter that the girls built on their lead. With a 42 to 28-point victory the girls should have secured a semi-final position. We hope to put together a strong game this weekend against the Collegian team so to give us confidence going into the finals. Player of the week was Lara Abbott, who created lots of turnovers in the centre court, primarily due to her work rate and determination.

Mr Adams

4th VII

The 4ths played against Eglinton All Stars last Saturday. In what can only be described in a ‘slow start’ the girls gave up quite a substantial lead in the 1st quarter. Thankfully the girls clicked into gear in the 2nd quarter and continued this for the rest of the match. Player of the match was Robyn. She played amazing in the centre court and then demonstrated that she is also skilled with shooting. Other strong performances were given by Lizzy and Mia.

1st VII

The 1st VII played against Bulldogs last weekend. In low scoring game the girls triumphed by 3 girls. It was a bit of a scrappy game with lots of turnovers. About the only positive was the “we know how to win ugly” by that I mean that even when we are flat and not at our best, we can come together and perform. This week the girls play Panthers Toshacks at 2.30pm in our final round game. A win will cement the top spot on the ladder.

Mr Adams


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