Year 4 Camp at Galston Gorge

Last week, our Year 4 students made their way happily to the CRU Camp at Galston Gorge. The anticipation and excitement had been building for weeks and there was nothing but smiles on faces as we climbed onto the bus early Thursday morning.

Upon arrival, students were immediately immersed in a variety of activities that challenged their thinking, got them moving and allowed them to test their problem-solving and teamwork skills. Students were lucky enough to be involved in activities out in the bush such as damper making, orienteering, challenge courses and water games.

The first night saw us participate in an epic game of Spy Hunter where students worked together to track down some of the most notorious characters ever known. Some believe that three of them strangely resembled Mr Jackman, Miss Gillespie and Mrs Willis. The only thing more satisfying than catching all the spies was the delicious food that kept our bellies full and our bodies nourished.

The second night was preceded by thunder, lightning and rain, but it didn’t interfere with the Big Night of Fun. The sound of laughter, singing and worship rang out from Eagleview, and students went to bed grinning from ear to ear.

The time together went quickly, but all who were involved had a truly wonderful time and represented their school in such an admirable way. We are all so proud to have been able to take this exceptional group of students away on camp.

Mrs Sarah Willis


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