HSC Highlights 2021

Congratulations to all students who worked so successfully with their teachers through a very difficult year, their efforts have been justly rewarded and as we know they have some exciting plans for the next step in their careers.
We have been so inspired by their efforts and have enjoyed working together through the Covid19 crisis, never giving up and always staying positive. WELL DONE!

While there will be many individual success stories here are some of the overall highlights achieved by the Class of 2021. This year the Class of 2021 achieved an outstanding result of 15.5% of Band 6 results entries, achieving a position of 109. A rank above 150 is considered outstanding and is publicly listed in the Sydney Morning Herald official table of school rankings.
Despite the ranking tables being based on Band 6 results, they are nevertheless, a true reflection of the academic health of a year group. To achieve in the top 150 schools is a sign that the majority of students in the cohort achieved at a high level across all subjects in the HSC.

Significant Achievements
Three students with a 99+ ATAR
11% of students with an ATAR of 95+
20% of students with an ATAR of 90+
25% of students with an ATAR of 89+
38% of students with an ATAR of 80+

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Please read the article featured in the Western Advocate newspaper which highlights our great results.

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