Unique Programs

Scots All Saints College is proud to offer a variety of unique programs within our vibrant curriculum.

In keeping with traditions with expert coaches for Highland Dancing to Pipes and Drums, the college offers modern activities your child might enjoy, including mountain bike riding, Design and Technology, and horse riding.

Languages- French

At Scots All Saints College we offer French as part of the curriculum, taught by Madam Adamson.

“Bonjour Bathurst” The first ever TV station in French has been launched by the students at Scots All Saints Bathurst. This new program, was born out of an ambition to find a way to make French easier to learn, thus we have mitigated intensive study and replaced it with an authentic learning experience. This has been accomplished by creating an avenue for students to use the French language in the everyday. It allows them to rehearse, practice and immerse themselves in French on the go. Moving forward, students will learn to create stories more independently of their own content for their peers. Reaching out and including the wider community, enticing all to speak French.

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