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Junior School

A lifelong love of learning starts here

Strong relationships, supportive teachers and an inclusive culture combine to create a caring and nurturing environment where students have the space to explore, learn and grow.

At the Scots All Saints College Junior School, your child is at the centre of all we do.

Research shows that children who enjoy a focused and dedicated education from the beginning of school are highly engaged, motivated and ultimately enjoy success throughout their lives. A strong start equals a successful future, and at Scots All Saints College Junior School, we are committed to providing that great start.

Our Junior School is an exceptional learning environment with talented and caring teachers and an average class size of twenty children. Our evidence based literacy and numeracy programs are complimented by a broad and engaging curriculum, pastoral care and wellbeing programs and diverse opportunities to develop, grow and learn.

The Junior School campus features purpose built facilities such as our Innovation Centre, library, swimming pool, gymnasium, music and creative arts rooms, on spacious and beautiful grounds. 

Scots All Saints is a community like no other. A place where belonging turns into lifelong friendships, strong and connected young adults and the will to make a difference.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our wonderful community here at Scots All Saints College, Bathurst.

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At the Scots All Saints College Junior School we offer comprehensive and engaging literacy and numeracy programs. Key programs and units are developed to ensure your child gets off to a great start, academically. Staff use a range of skills, programs and tools to track growth, inform and guide lesson and curriculum planning and determine support or extension requirements for individual students.

As we build these foundational skills in literacy and numeracy, we also offer a broad range of subjects including Science and Technology, HSIE (History and Geography), Personal Development and Health, Physical Education, Creative and Performing Arts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Christian Studies and Languages, many of which are taught by specialist teachers in purpose built classrooms. Through these subjects we aim to develop creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills.

Core components of our Program

STEM and Innovation

Our STEM and Innovation program inspires a love of lifelong learning while equipping your child with a range of future focused skills. In our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre, we provide engaging, hands on experiences to encourage the exploration of core STEM concepts and link them to real-life situations.

Our STEM and Innovation Program has several key components including:

  • Kinder Investigators
  • Digital Technologies
  • Lego Education
  • JAI (Junior Agricultural Initiative)
  • Problem Based Learning
  • STEM Incursions

Through STEM, we aim to develop your child’s natural curiosity and imagination, helping them develop essential communication, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in a fun and exciting way.

Creative and Performing Arts

Our extensive Creative and Performing Arts programs will captivate and nurture your child’s love of music and the arts.

The Junior School Music Program is coordinated by Mr Jon Clipsham, with the assistance of fourteen professional instrumentalists and educators. All students receive weekly music lessons with specialist teachers.

Junior School students are invited to join the Junior String program, selecting the violin, viola, cello or bass. Students learn to play their instrument as a soloist and in small and large ensembles, improving fine and gross motor skills, developing coordination, intonation, rhythmic accuracy, notation reading and ensemble awareness.

Students can join the Concert Band program selecting a flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, French horn, euphonium, trombone, tuba, string bass or percussion. Individual instrument lessons are strongly encouraged to enhance a student’s learning and musical development.

Our Junior School students take part in our annual Junior School Musical.

In Visual Arts, students will enjoy expressing themselves creatively, using a range of techniques, forms, elements, subject matter and media whilst developing an appreciation of the work of well known artists. In Term 1, all students undertake a unit of work as part of the IPSHA Travelling Art Show. All work is displayed at our Junior School Art Exhibition.

Co-curricular opportunities

Every Junior School student enjoys the benefits of a broad, well rounded co-curricular program. A range of exciting opportunities complement our academic program including:

  • Highland Dancing
  • Speech and Drama
  • Junior String Program and Ensembles
  • Public Speaking
  • Active Afternoons
  • STEM and Innovation
  • Chess
  • Outdoor Education

Active Afternoons

Active Afternoons are held on Friday afternoon from 2.15pm to 3.15pm, allowing your child to train for their competitive weekend sport or select an activity with a special instruction. Options include:

  • Mountain biking
  • Aerobics
  • Dance
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Scooter skills
  • Martial Arts
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Orienteering

Current opportunities for team sports include:

Winter: Soccer, Rugby Union, Netball and Hockey

Summer: Swimming Squad, Cricket and Tennis


The care and concern shown by our teachers toward our students is grounded in our shared faith, reflecting Christian values. Our Junior School has a structure that allows us to implement a quality student wellbeing program in a meaningful context. Teachers guide students to develop the skills, concepts, attitudes and values that will assist them to make responsible and informed decisions. Junior School classroom teachers will have the primary responsibility for the pastoral care and wellbeing of the students in their class.

The award-winning Bounce Back program is used to support teachers in their efforts to promote positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience for students and build a safe and supportive class and school learning environment.

If you are interested in learning more or to organise a campus tour, please contact our Registrar, Mrs Lisa Ellery on 6333 4726 or email enrol@scotsallsaints.nsw.edu.au

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