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Scots All Saints is a community like no other. At its heart is a sense of belonging. For boarders and day students alike, their College is a space to live and learn. A place where belonging turns into lifelong friendships, strong and connected young adults, and the will to make a difference.

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Boarding is an integral part of the fabric of the Scots All Saints College community. With a longstanding boarding tradition, the College has a deep understanding of the unique responsibilities of supporting students and creating a family atmosphere, to develop successful men and women in an ever-changing world.

With the advantage of wide-open campuses, fresh air and unrivalled space to thrive, Scots All Saints College supports regional and rural boarding students with a safe, secure and continuous learning environment. Full-time, weekly and short-term boarding accommodation is available to girls and boys from Years 7 to 12, conveniently located on campus so your child can walk to class and participate in before and after school programs. The Senior Campus houses 3 boarding houses for Years 7 to 12.

Weekly and casual boarding

Weekly boarding is a new and exciting option for our Scots All Saints College community. Your child can board during the week and return home on Friday afternoon, at the conclusion of the school day. Boarders then return on Sunday afternoon. In addition to weekly boarding, casual boarding is an option to help your child achieve the most from their educational journey at school.

Boarding facilities

Boarding students (Years 7 to 12) enjoy a dedicated space to live and learn on campus, with excellent facilities and a safe, secure and comforting environment. With vast acres of land, including a working farm for cattle and sheep and an equestrian centre, our campus is one of the largest in Australia.

Our modern, well-equipped facilities support an inspiring learning environment. The Senior Campus offers a 25-metre indoor swimming pool, Performing Arts Centre, Sports Centre and Pavilion, numerous sporting ovals, tennis courts, a newly refurbished library, newly equipped Agriculture Centre, Wellness Space and a dining hall with nutritious meals.

There are three boarding houses Galloway House (Years 7 and 10 Girls), Ives House (Years 11 to 12 Girls) and Thompson House (Years 7 to 12 Boys). All three boarding houses have had recent upgrades to offer modern, comfortable, private accommodation with study spaces, communal recreational areas and kitchens. Equestrian facilities and agistment allow boarders to bring their own horses to stay on campus during the term.

Experienced boarding team

The Scots All Saints boarding team works closely with parents and carers, encouraging students to take full advantage of the opportunities at the College.

The Head of the House is supported by Residential House assistants to provide care for all students living in their boarding house. Students are assisted with prep (homework) and programs to assist with life skills including preparing meals, excursions and outings outside of school hours.

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Director of Boarding

Mr Josh Williams- josh.williams@scotsallsaints.nsw.edu.au

Head of Galloway House
Head of Ives House
Mrs Lynne Woodlock- lynne.woodlock@scotsallsaints.nsw.edu.au
Ives Duty Phone 0491 222 132
Head of Thompson House

Mr Matthew Oakes- matthew.oakes@scotsallsaints.nsw.edu.au
Thompson House Duty Phone- 0438 917 981

Boarders Parents & Friends Association President

Mrs Gemma Green – 0427 103 747

Health Centre

Contact the Health Centre on 02 6333 4708

Student wellbeing and pastoral care

Scots All Saints is committed to providing a high level of pastoral care and wellbeing support for the boarders as they navigate adolescence. The College has qualified Psychologists who work in conjunction with Boarding staff and Academic staff to create the Wellbeing team.

The College believes this is vital in supporting the mental health of our boarding community.
It is grounded in the belief that people want to lead meaningful lives, to cultivate what is best in them and to entrance their experiences along their individual journeys.

Scots All Saints College recognises the importance of allowing siblings to stay together.

Catering for boys and girls offers additional comfort to families, with the convenience of all children living and learning together.

Join our co-educational boarding family today. Simply call us on 02 6333 4726 for more information.

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