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The French Program

The benefits of learning a language

Foreign language learning is an integral part of our school’s offering. Proficiency in several languages at a young age not only offers countless academic advantages and personal benefits, but also expands a person’s opportunities for success. In this way, students learn skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

The acquisition of another language helps you to:

  • Improve your brain’s ability to focus 
  •  Develop your understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures
  •  Increase your competitiveness in an increasingly global job market.

Learning a language makes you a stronger, more creative thinker. Our French language program focuses on improving a student’s cognitive abilities by strengthening their attention and concentration through specific classroom instruction. 

Creating authentic experiences

Our aim is to provide learning opportunities that are fun, engaging and achievable within a classroom context, while also focussing on authentic aspects of language use.

Regular special guests

French speakers throughout the world celebrate ‘Francophonie Day’ 20th March, an occasion to appreciate French language and culture in all its diversity. Scots All Saints College had the honour of welcoming André François Giroux, Consul General of Canada in Sydney in March 2022 to our school. He addressed the students regarding the boundless opportunities that acquiring new languages can afford them.

Having another language will open the world to you in ways you cannot imagine. You will have an advantage that others will not have.

Andre Francois Giroux, Consul General of Canada

Bonjour Bathurst – Bringing the real world into the classroom

The program has been very popular with French students who enjoy the challenge of producing and writing stories and conducting interviews in French, involving their peers and other faculty members. We have interviewed Annabelle Hickson Editor of GALAH, Morgan Turini (sports journalist and former Wallaby) and Andre Giroux.

Calendar events

Students meet twice a week at lunchtimes on Monday and Tuesday.

French Day 

This is an annual event that takes place and is a great way for students to embrace their passion for language learning and their curiosity about the French language and culture. It also gives students the opportunity to discover the delights of French cuisine.

French Film Festival 

Film is an excellent avenue for learning, practising and encountering second languages in authentic, real-world contexts. The French Film Festival takes place in June every year in collaboration with our Visual Arts exhibition at the Performing Arts Centre.

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