Scots All Saints Top HSC Achievers

The 2019 HSC results are outstanding and are a reflection of the outstanding effort and commitment invested by our students with the caring and professional teaching, support and guidance provided by our staff. Students from Scots All Saints College have exceeded expectations and achieved extraordinarily well in the 2019 Higher School Certificate. There were 75 students in the class of 2019.

The following summarises some of their achievements.

  • Dux of Scots All Saints College and Top ATAR Achiever with 94.95 – Brian Liang.
  • 10 students achieved ATARs over 85 including Brian Liang (94.95), Will Schoenmaker (91.50), Ricky Chen (90.75), Cooper Nagy (90.20), Isabella Siegert (89.80), Kate Hodges (89.50), Emma Russell (89.10), Anna Wilde (86.60), Hannah McCarthy (85.55), Harold Humphries (84.80).
  • One third of students achieved an ATAR of 80 or more.
  • Emma Russell achieved a mark of 50 out of 50 for Music Extension.
  • Five students received Encore Nominations for HSC Music: Ricky Chen, Timothy Powell, Emma Russell, Madison Tasker and Brooke Webb.
  • Three students received DesignTech Nominations for their Design & Technology major works: William McDonald, Abigail Miller and Timothy Powell.
  • Isabella Siegert’s Visual Arts major work has been included in ArtExpress and will be on display at the Hazelhurst Arts Centre , Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, early in 2020.

Scots All Saints College presented students in 36 courses. The following courses were above the state mean by 5 or more: Agriculture (7), Ancient History (11), English Studies (5), Huyman Servies (7), Metal & Engineering (15), Music 1 (5), and Music Extension (14). Ancient History and Music 1 achieved double the expected number of Band 6 results.

Because Band 6 results (Merit Listings) concentrate on the top students, some consider that a more meaningful statistic is the proportion of students in the top 2 bands (a mark of 80 or more in a 2 Unit course). The following courses all had at least half (and in some cases all) of the Scots All Saints candidature in the top 2 bands: Ancient History, Chemistry, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Modern History, Music 1, Studies of Religion, Visual Arts

There were 20 Merit Listings from 12 different subjects. 18% of students achieved a Merit Listing in at least one subject.

Merit Listings:

Ricky Chen (Biology, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 [notional Band 6], Music 1),

Antonio Chen (Mathematics Extension 2 [notional Band 6])

Brodie Gay (Ancient History), Kate Hodges (Agriculture, Visual Arts)

Brian Liang (Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 [notional Band 6])

Abigail Miller (Design & Technology)

Cooper Nagy (Legal Studies, Mathematics Standard)

Emma Russell (Music 2, Music Extension)

Will Schoenmaker (Ancient History)

Isabella Siegert (Agriculture, Visual Arts)

Madison Tasker (Music 1)

Brooke Webb (Music 1).

The above results are testimony to the dedication of the staff at Scots All Saints and the commitment to excellence fostered amongst the College community. Attention to individual students and the encouragement of students to take responsibility for their own learning through a collaborative approach lies at the heart and soul of this success. Our first Year 12, showed great resilience to remain focused on the task at hand to achieve their potential. It is clear that it was business as usual inside class rooms, led by our experienced and professional staff, providing our students with the required guidance, support and nurturing.

Excellent HSC results are a mark of a great group of students. The success arises from the quality of the students, rather than their quality being defined by the HSC. There is, after all, more to life than collecting marks! We are particularly proud of our ‘average’ students who have achieved results that are well beyond average. At this time it is pleasing to speak to students and learn that they have gained entry into their preferred university courses. We wish all our students continuing success in the future.

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