The Old Bathurstians’ Museum

Documenting the early days

The museum curator, Tim Sargeant, a former student of All Saints’ College has put many hours and prized memorabilia into the Stage One of the Old Bathurstians’ Museum located in Esrom House. The first stage is The Watson Room which houses numerous trophies, documents, badges, citations, photographs and records from early days of both All Saints’ and Marsden School.

There is even the ‘Lawyer’, a cane, placed in one of the cabinets which is there to remind some of the more senior All Saints’ ex-students of the discipline methods used during their time at school! Much of the memorabilia was collected, refurbished and carefully displayed by Tim and a plaque has been placed in the Museum in recognition for his wonderful contribution and continues to make.

Also hanging in the Museum are professional photo collages of both schools showing a collection of historical images which are the work of Di Colman, an ex-student of Marsden School.
We would like to encourage any past students to visit our museum (post Covid-19 when we are back to normal) or to contact us if they believe they may have something of significance that could be held in our archives. We are in the process of digitalising as many of the photos we have here so that we have a permanent record and all attempts are being made to record dates and names accurately.

If you require any information, on the Museum please contact Reception at the All Saints Campus phone: 02 6331 3911 or email:

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