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Preserving history

Restoration Work

Work is continuing to set up The Scots Museum in the old kitchen building behind Karalee. Extensive restoration work has been completed on this part of Karalee to make it fit for purpose. The Scots Museum curator is Mr Andrew Maher, who joined the staff of The Scots School in 1982.

The Scots Museum currently displays some items from before the foundation of Scots. There is material from The Cooerwull Academy in Lithgow which operated from 1882-1916, and was the first Presbyterian school in New South Wales. There is also currently a display of items found during recent renovation work on Karralee.

A section has been devoted to The Scots College Branch School (1942-1945), and the early days of Scots from 1946. Two cabinets currently display memorabilia from various periods in the history of Scots. There are sporting items, academic material, artworks and other items. Scotty the Bear from the Scots Junior School has been appointed as Assistant Curator. It is hoped in the near future to set up displays of material from The Scots School Pipes and Drums, the Cadet unit, items relating to former students of note, and a display of sporting items.

The collection owes much to the late Betty Ives, who began a 54 year relationship with the School in 1964 when she became Headmaster’s Secretary. Betty started to collect various items relating to the School. A display cabinet that she set up in the front foyer of Karralee is now in the Museum with all of the items she collected. Betty has her own space in the Museum that includes her old desk and typewriter. The Betty Ives Archives Centre will continue to operate, with many items being stored upstairs in the Maids’ Quarters.

Several items from the past at Scots are also on display around the School. Many of the School’s old trophies and shields can be found in the Pavilion. The old Scots honour boards in the Dining Hall have been kept and are on display as well. Two cabinets in the foyer of Karralee are the beginnings of a Scots All Saints collection.

A great deal of the history of Scots from the 1980s onward has been preserved in photographs taken for The Lion, The Highlander, The Thistle and various promotional purposes. These are being sorted and scanned. A number have now been displayed on The Scots School Old Boys and Girls Association Facebook page.

Since it was revealed earlier in the year that there was a Scots Museum, a number of items have been donated to it, many of which have provided information not otherwise recorded. Anyone who has material relating to the history of education at the Cooerwull Academy or the Scots Campus is welcome to pass it on to us.

When the COVID-19 situation allows, it is hoped that it will be possible to have an open day in the Museum, and for visitors to be able to inspect it. If you require any information, on the Museum please contact Reception at the All Saints’ Campus (Phone 02 63312766) or email:

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