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Scots All Saints College offers education in a caring, Christian environment. A commitment to assisting the spiritual, as well as the physical and academic aspects of all students is fundamental to our reason for being.

The College offers education for girls and boys in a unique, co-educational environment where students can grow into young adults, sure and confident of their own self-worth. The structure and organisation of the College offers an opportunity for students to concentrate their efforts on aspects of their personal development – academic, physical, cultural and spiritual – in a logical and focused manner.

The College values academic excellence. Excellence is a relative, not an absolute concept and should be viewed in terms of student growth.

The College has an obligation to focus the attention of students towards their future after their time at Scots All Saints College. This does not mean choosing a career for students but providing them with skills designed to ensure they can determine their future path at any stage after finishing their secondary education.

The College attempts to provide leadership opportunities so that students can leave the College ready to make a contribution towards effective leadership of the communities in which they will serve.

The College caters for a range of students from differing backgrounds – city and country, day and boarding (including a number from overseas). Our aim is to foster a broad vision in the students – a statewide, nationwide and international perspective of their place in society.

Being part of the College Community means accepting the obligations of proper social conduct consistent with our good name. Value is placed on self-discipline and individual responsibility.

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