sport reports week 7 term 4 2020


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
Scots All Saints Diamonds  25/11/20    
Scots All Saints Emeralds  25/11/20 W: 28 – 2  
Scots All Saints Lions  25/11/20 W: 42 – 8 Charlotte Bennett
Scots All Saints Leopards  25/11/20 W: 42 – 3 Noah English
SASC 1st V Girls  26/11/20    
SASC Zero  26/11/20    
SASC 1st V Boys  26/11/20    
Scots All Saints Hurricanes 27/11/20 W: 38 – 8 Max Dubyk
Scots All Saints Typhoons 27/11/20    
Scots All Saints Pumas 27/11/20    
Scots All Saints Cyclones 27/11/20    
SASC 2nd V Boys 27/11/20    
SASC Highlanders 27/11/20    
SASC Celtics 27/11/20    
SASC Mules 27/11/20    
SASC Hawkes 27/11/20    
SASC Avo-Cardio 27/11/20    

SASC Emeralds

Scots All Saints Emeralds had a fantastic game of Basketball last Wednesday. They wowed the crowd with their developing ability to work as a team, move the ball smoothly around the court, shoot accurately and display great sportsmanship. They well and truly deserved the win. The final score was 28 – 2 our way.

Miss Victoria Matheson (Coach)


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC U’7  27/11/20
SASC U’9  27/11/20
SASC U’10  28/11/20
SASC U’11  28/11/20 L: 7/125 – 5/164 Jonathan Price
SASC U’13 Red  28/11/20
SASC U’13 Blue  28/11/20
SASC U’14  28/11/20 L: 113 – 155 Charlie Rendell
SASC U’15  28/11/20
Opens  28/11/20

Under 14s

The under 14’s played Stannies at Stait Oval on Saturday on a very warm morning.  Spirits were high as the boys were starting to show improvement in all aspects of the game.  After losing the toss, Stannies elected to bat.  Charlie Rendall and Tim Anderson bowled very well as openers, keeping the scoring down and frustrating the batters, although neither bagged a wicket in their spells their bowling was strong.

As is usual, a change of bowler brings a wicket and Patrick Anderson’s zippy off spin forced a lofted drive and a brilliant catch by Paddy McKiernan.  Alex Morrisey bowled well from the other end, opening with a maiden but once again couldn’t get a wicket.  Darcy Harris, Paterson Abel, Seth Wilson, Campbell Denyer and Jack Graf all bowled well as the day became hotter and fielding difficult.  Stannies eventually bagged 155 for their first innings.

The batting improved as the boys went in with Paddy McKiernan getting a few strong shots off to the boundary.  Charlie Rendall fired with a few big sixes to retire at 53.  The batting was generally pretty strong and the boys were able to score a few shots as they made it to 113.  More work is needed in the nets on batting as some technique needs minor correction in order to get after those larger scores.

Best player – Charlie Rendall.

Shannon Rendell (Coach)

Touch Football

Team Date Score SASC Player of the Match
SASC Sunflowers 30/11/20    
SASC Andromeda 30/11/20 W: 3 – 2 Zoe Banning
SASC Whirlpool 30/11/20    
SASC Pegasus 30/11/20 W: 3 – 2 Chelsea Price
SASC Pinwheel 30/11/20 W: 5 – 2 Belle Fitzpatrick
SASC Sombrero 30/11/20 W: 6 – 1 Shay-lee Riley
SASC Magallenic 30/11/20 W: 11 – 1 Sophie McAllan
SASC Red  30/11/20    
SASC Blue  30/11/20    
SASC Senior Girls 30/11/20    
SASC Jets  30/11/20    

SASC Sombreros

We had a great game yesterday. The girls were strong throughout the whole game. We had Shaylee with a hat trick making some great runs down the field, ducking and weaving throughout multiple players. Other tries went to Lotti, Paige and Josie making the score 6-1. The girls have worked hard at training on their attacking plays and this showed in the first half. In the second half of the game we were tired and hot but the girls never gave up on their attacking game. Player of the match was Shaylee.

Kate Gullifer (Coach)

The Pegasus

The Pegasus’s played against a very evenly match team in ‘Easier said than run’ this week. In both defence and offence the two teams spent the first 10 minutes moving up and down the field looking for weakness. The Pegasus’s struck first but minutes late the opposition struck back. The Opposition then struck again shortly afterwards taking the led 2 to 1. The Pegasus’s kept their heads started playing more plays straight up the middle, where they scored two more tries to take the win 3 to 2. Player of the match for Pegasus’s was Chelsea Price.

Chris Walsh (Coach)


Team Date of Game Result SASC Player of the Match
SASC 28/11/20    

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